Wild Horse Education

Buffalo Hills, Day 3

Our ongoing team reports can be found HERE.

Day 2 long form public report can be located HERE. This reports includes multiple videos including the “tied foal.” 

As the nation celebrates freedom, our wild ones are loosing theirs. Our team is back out today and will bring you updates as soon as possible. 

Video above: dramatic escape after high speed chase.

70 (19 Stallions, 46 Mares, and 5 Foals) wild horses were captured in another day of high speed chases and bands being fragmented from the pressure.

After a long chase a band escapes the trap, but the chase does not end there. Back and forth across the valley, and up and down the mountain side, 4 of the group come in.

Video below: The wild horses come in so hot, they slam against the corral pens.

The chopper then goes back out to catch the other two that had tried to flee.

Below: slideshow of horses slamming into panels for those of you with low bandwidth that cannot play video.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our observation location remains far away. This is why some of the video is not clear.

No dust control was done throughout the day. Wind gusts reached 30 mph during operations, at that gps location, according to the weather service.

Any observation of the temporary holding corrals is still being denied. Once captured, the horses are taken to corrals for sorting. We have not been able to assess any activities at temporary. Our team member makes the request each day and is denied.

Another wild horse died bringing the total deaths to 3 in 3 days. BLM claimed a young stud had a “previous injury” to a front fetlock.

Our ongoing team reports can be found HERE.

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