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Public Top Ten of 2021

This time of year all of us have traditions that mark the holiday season and the countdown to the new year.

This “Black Friday/Small Business Saturday”  long weekend, it has become a tradition at WHE to publish the “top ten content” from our website.

These are the “top ten” read posts, articles and videos on WHE in 2021, ranked in the countdown below. 

10. Antelope Roundup Report Wrap Up (Just Numbers)

BLM captured 2203 wild horses at the Antelope Complex is eastern NV in September. Our team was at the operation from beginning to end and documented multiple instances of crashes with barbed wire, babies trampled and dangerous flying. WHE logged a conduct complaint and met with agency leadership. We are continuing to push for review, revision and enforcement of policy. We should have news in early 2022. (article HERE)

9. “Guidance for Euthanasia” (policy change)

WHE alerted the advocate community to the new BLM memorandum listing methods and reasons for killing wild horses. The Guidance for Euthanasia policy listed, among other things, that signs of aging were a reason to kill a wild horse or burro. The memorandum also approved the captive bolt as a method for euthanasia. (article HERE)

8. Video: collision with barbed wire, baby trampled, chopper appears to knock over a wild horse.

7. WHE file litigation against off limits to public view facility.

BLM has proposed another hidden holding facility. This facility will house up to 4000 wild horses on 100 acres. Prior to this facility opening we had a chance to get involved (we were not around when the others were approved). We filed and the case is in active briefing in the court. We will update when there is news. (article HERE)

6. Legal Action Taken Against Massive Grazing Scheme

During the 2021 roundup of 1074 wild horses at the Eagle Complex, WHE partnered with WildLands Defense and filed against a massive grazing scheme that will severely impact 3 HMAs (Silver King, Eagle and Chokecherry). 29 wild horses died during the operation. The case against multiple permittees is still active in the court. (article HERE)

5. The Report, 2022 Funding Debate and a Request For Hearing

There are a lot of reasons we need a Congressional hearing into the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program. However, we do not need a parade of speakers that are all part of backdoor deal making. The corrupt frame of the program is the biggest impediment to reform. (article here)

4. Understanding Action Items (3 branches)

Who you are asking to take an action is as important as how you ask. This article outlining the 3 branches of government and how you can interact with them remains very popular. (article here)

3. On File: Pancake HMA

WHE filed against a plan would attempt to maintain the population in the 1.1 million acre complex at the low AML of 361 wild horses. In addition to mass removal, the plan includes managing a portion of the herd as sterilized, skewing the sex-ratio to favor males, applying IUDs, as well as using varying fertility control vaccines. The case is still active. We will update as we know more. (article here)

2. Confusion Spay Plan Cancelled (Legal Action Still Active)

The approved plan for the Confusion HMA included spaying via colpotomy. After review, the new leadership of BLM pulled the procedure from the decision. However, the process that led to the determination (and other factors) remain active. So does our litigation. This case is still in active briefing. We will update as we move forward. (article here)

The Public Top Ten #1 on WHE in 2021 is a tie! The videos of the release of wild horses back in the Surprise Complex come in tied. BLM captured 1216 wild horses and 21 died. The agency released 158 (68 mares were treated with PZP) wild horses back into the Complex of 5 HMAs where the total population is now less than 300. BLM considered this operation “maintenance to get to low AML and increasing immunocontraception.” (updates here)

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