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Gratitude: Take Time To Dream

The Path Of Hoofbeats

“You occasionally see one, and it’s the thrill of a lifetime. But mostly all you ever see is a cloud of dust after they are gone. It’s their stubborn ability to survive that makes them so remarkable.”-Velma “Wild Horse Annie” Johnston

A note from our founder, Laura Leigh

This week, many of you will gather with family and friends; two and four legged, feathered, finned and furred. We all should take time reflect on the things we are grateful for in our lives.

At WHE we extend our gratitude to our amazing wild horses and burros. They bring us joy and inspiration each and every day. These resilient survivors not only inspire with their grace and commitment to family, they inspire with their strength and adaptability to survive under stress. 


Even though the path of advocacy is often complex, convoluted and heart-wrenching, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue the work to fight to keep them free on the range and free from abuse. 

​50 years ago the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act was passed. This monumental legislation stopped the wholesale destruction of America’s wild horse herds and established jurisdictional authority on federal lands. 

10 years ago there was no policy at all to protect wild horses from abuse. 5 years ago a policy was established after our relentless litigation. 

Today, the work to create management planning to keep our wild ones safe within that federal framework established 50 years ago, continues. The journey to speak for these amazing beings continues. 

All progress begins with a dream that one day it will exist. 

Join us in the dream that our wild ones will remain free on landscapes where industrial destruction halts. Where our wild ones can raise families without the fear of the helicopter tearing them apart. 

Our deepest gratitude to every one of you for joining us on the journey to make that dream a reality. 

May you enjoy your holiday and take time to dream.

~ Laura Leigh, founder of Wild Horse Education 

Wild Horse Education is grateful to announce we have a $15,000 match, offered by a generous supporter who values our work and shares our vision for 2022. This “kick off” to critical end-of-year fundraising will run through December 4th. (You can learn more about some of what WHE is working on and this amazing matching gift, HERE.)


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