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Gratitude Week: Volunteers Speak

So much of what we all deal with as advocates for a public lands issue, wild horses and burros, is delving into the world of technical land use planning processes, legal language and litigation, as well as the abuses of power and the abuse to the individual living beings we advocate for.

Taking time to focus on all that we are grateful for is also an important part of the work.

This week we will feature pieces written by our volunteers and members. First up, Marie Milliman.

To express my gratitude at this time of year, I have dived into the abyss of self-reflection intertwined with my overall experiences in wild horse advocacy. I am grateful for the opportunity to reduce the priority of the “I” in my life and elevate the desire to participate in a cause that is rooted in my blessed, lifelong affair with the horse. The wild “part” of my horse romance was still waiting for me to discover it then, destiny blindsided me.

The “wild horse” portion, in the flood of thoughts that I am grateful for, begins with two adopted Mustangs, and the imminent voyage into Wild horse advocacy. As I searched for information on my new family members, I found that information. What I found led me into advocacy.

Hallelujah and Grace: mustangs adopted after capture at the Owyhee Complex and Stone Cabin.

I’m pretty sure this is where fate intervened, and I am fortunate that it led me to Wild Horse Education with a bold and innovative mission and a fearless director at the helm. An organization that embodies the “speak the horse’s truth” at any cost, with an approach for solutions based in the bedrock of our Public Lands Law. For this I am indebted and humbled.

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As I sit and contemplate what I am grateful for the list goes on and on: Every wild horse that I have had the honor to encounter, for they provide the infinite desire to never bend or concede to the current inequities. Supporters of Wild Horse Education that feel our work is valued, rooted in integrity, principles and that join us in this effort. Those that are dedicated to “fight the good fight.”  The community of journalists and colleagues that I have had the privilege to share the road with. For the profound, vast range of emotions I can share with our team on this journey. Learning  that “instant gratification” is not a common occurrence in this work, but that the results of the complex work can ultimately create permanent change. Finally, I am grateful for inclusion as a member of a real team effort to speak for our wild ones.

May your holidays be joyous and gratifying.

~ Marie Milliman

We are grateful to have Marie as an integral member devoted to our CAWP team and her commitment to continue to expand her work speaking for the wild.

Wild Horse Education is grateful to announce we have a $15,000 match, offered by a generous supporter who values our work and shares our vision for 2022. This “kick off” to critical end-of-year fundraising will run through December 4th. (You can learn more about some of what WHE is working on and this amazing matching gift, HERE.)

You can help us continue our innovative work and double your impact today.

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