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WHE Event Participants Share: Ketcham Interview

There had not been a roundup in Surprise in a decade, in one HMA in the complex the last roundup was in 1988. In 2021, 21 wild horses died as BLM got to low “AML” and increased immunocontraception.

On Tuesday we had our fall fundraising event featuring updates from the WHE team, a lively question and answer session and a guest speaker. Feedback has been positive and our guests really enjoyed the live lightning round question and answer portion where we went into overtime!

We will be running more events in the coming months to address history, processes of management and to give you information to address current issues arising as you engage your personal advocacy, timely.

Our participants wanted us to share the event. We did not record the event. We will run more events in the future for participation.

However, we did pre-record some segments. One of those segments was an interview with our guest, author Christopher Ketcham. During the interview I added clips and used a search engine to add screen grabs for illustration. Ketcham came for a fast visit the day before the event and had to travel to continue the work on his new book to a location where is internet would be sporadic. He called in briefly to tell me he could not sign in.

Participants in the event have asked that we share the pre-recorded segment publicly. The segment is intended to inform and provoke thought about a conversation no one is really having; going “green” also comes with a cost, a cost we need to look at closely so we do not cause more damage as we claim to be fixing problems.

Words matter. Choose yours carefully as we fight to protect our wild horses and the land they stand on.

Help keep us in the field, in the courts and in the fight. Our teams need your support. 

Our WHEStorefront added a new collection, including a calendar, in time for the holidays. You can see the new collection HERE.  

You can support WHE on Amazon Smile as you shop by choosing Wild Horse Education as your charity of choice.

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