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Wash Off Your Troubles, just for a moment (wild horses in the rain and Pendley is gone)

Time in the rain with Forest wild horses

Yesterday Chief District Judge Brian Morris of the US District Court of Montana ruled that Pendley has served unlawfully for 424 days, in response to a lawsuit brought by Democratic Montana Gov. Steve Bullock and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. (You can read more here.)

Pendley is just one of a long line of those “acting with the authority of director” under this administration. We have not had a confirmed head of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for nearly 4 years. This brings into question the legality of many projects approved, and policy changes. Many of you know Pendley from the ethics complaint WHE filed.   We will have more on the mess left in his wake next week.

Our teams engaged the Advisory Board this week, ran field data legs, educated several more Senate offices to the reality of process (and the damage done through failures to address deficits).

We will get our updates out on the “gritty” details next week.

Late season birth in the Forest.

Yesterday one of our team members spent time in the rain with some wild horses that live in the Ochoco National Forest. An EA was sent out earlier this year to slash the population. The final decision has not been released yet. (we will update after final is released; be ready to fight back.)

We did a fast run to check on range and horses.

Take a moment and stand in the rain at Ochoco. 


Help us stay in the fight. 


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