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Listen Live BLM Advisory Board ( & fast Diamond update)

Captured Diamond Wild Horses

BLM Advisory Board

You can listen live to the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board at this link: https://www.blm.gov/live

You can see sample comments to the board and more information HERE. 

The Diamond roundup is ongoing.

Wild Horses Captured: 898 (389 Studs, 397 Mares, and 177 Foals) 25 Deaths.

You can see a run down on deaths HERE. 

Our readers are very interested in seeing body condition. You can see a un down on the deaths and body condition of a herd that BLM claims is massively over AML.

BLM has avoided doing actual management plans as they give away wild hoses habitat to profit driven interests. It has to stop. Politically set concepts of “national AML” are a scientific absurdity  set to minimize wild horses, not protect them.

Wild Hose Education has speakers that will give comment in the last comment period set for the meeting.

WHE is having technical difficulty and will have our fact check up running the second day of the meeting.

If you have never listened to the board, it is a good place to stat to hear the basic arguments.



Help us stay in the fight. 

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