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Oregon Wild Horse Removals: Update


BLM completed the South Steens roundup on September 28. BLM captured 218 and they did not report any injuries or deaths.  BLM did not allow any observation of the helicopter capture stating all the wild horses being taken were on private lands.


BLM is in process of removing 200 wild horses from the Pokegama HMA. BLM claims only 30 to 50 horses can be sustained in the 80, 855 acre HMA. The Pokegama herd is unique in being the only designated herd area in the Cascade Range. The herd area is located west of the city of Klamath Falls in an area defined by Highway 66 on the north, the Klamath River on the east and south, and Jenny Creek is the west boundary.

To date BLM reports 5 captured.


On the BLM schedule an operation at Beaty Butte was set to begin on Sept 20. BLM has not posted online about the operation and our field rep did not find any of the old trap sites in use. We have emailed BLM for an update. When we get a response we will let you know.

The wire fence stopped this horse from breaking free at the last operation at Beaty.

All of the captured wild are being taken to the BLM facility in Burns Oregon. The facility is open to vehicle tours if you are interested in adoption.

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Over the last 2 weeks our field teams have covered over 2000 miles. They have a lot to report! There is a lot of destruction and it is not the wild horses doing the damage but they are suffering because of it. Without preservation of the range, there is no preservation of the wild horse and the blame game continues. 

We will feature some of their findings in articles on the website and have added a feature to the soon to be released WHE Wild Words digital magazine, sent free to all of our supporters.

The magazine was delayed due to the court ruling against the tenure of BLM Chief Pendley. We wanted to add a “what that means” section and an update on our legislative work. We expect the digital edit to be complete this week! Thank you for your support and your patience during this busy time! Special expanded WHE Wild Word coming this week to your inbox! 


Help us stay in the fight. 


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