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Shawave (8/22, another death)

Team update:

110 (34 Studs, 59 Mares, and 17 Foals) captured on the second day at the smokey trap.

BLM continued operations at the dust and smokey trap. Containment of one fire, and wind shift, lifted a bit of the smoke early in the day (compared to the day before). Tomorrow the smoke will continue to slowly clear as another fire reaches containment. BLM could have waited to run wild horses at this trap. Smoke is extremely damaging to lungs.

Yesterdays report and call to action HERE. 


Trailers went behind the vehicles instead of in front, the only change in operations

Excuses ran from “but this is where they live” to “but the pilot can see.”

Yes, wild horses live on this range. When it is smokey they move into the draws that have the least amount of smoke, do not run for miles and do not stampeded themselves through bug dust.

The “pilot can see” is not a factor for equine health, it is just a factor to consider if you are trying to push the operation to an end because hunting season begins this weekend.

The smoke will begin to slowly clear from the area on 8/23. BLM should have postponed the operation, until the fire was contained or the wind shifted, and began again on 8/24. The operation was cleared through Sept 9. There was absolutely no reason to risk equine, and human, health.

BLM is also really close to target goals. Calling the roundup off early is a better option than destroying the lungs of these horses.


This is not “ok”

A mare crashed against a panel and broke her neck. We are still reviewing video to determine when and how.

The wild horses that might die from colic, or respiratory distress, wont be considered roundup related. Wild horses captured at this trap were taken directly to a holding facility and not temporary corrals. No viewing of their condition or loading onto the semi-trucks was permitted.

You can continue to register your disgust with BLM NV and their disregard for the welfare of wild horses. We are working with our legal team. 

You can write to these representatives of BLM as well. Ruth Thompson BLM WHB state lead NV: rthompso@blm.gov , State Director NV, John Raby (has used 2 email addresses in the past): jraybee@blm.gov and jraby@blm.gov , Alan Shepherd in the DC on range chief: ashepher@blm.gov 

We have found out that “the pilot can see” (and the contractor decision) was the only factor the BLM considered and ignored their responsibility to the law.

274 wild horses were captured in conditions that would make any equine health professional cringe. The conditions the wranglers worked in, we wonder if BLM or the contractor will provide them healthcare if they suffer any long term damage, or are they as disposable as the wild horses to those in charge?


Total captured to date: 1,645

1,425 Horses (514 Studs, 645 Mares, and 266 Foals)

220 Burros (90 Jacks, 99 Jennies, and 31 Foals)

Deaths: 10

A mare that broke her neck at the trap was added to the list of those that have died onsite. Those that die from respiratory issues (or colic) after capture ad transport directly to the “sand lot” in Fallon (Broken Arrow) wont be listed.


Our teams working on the “water wars” are reporting in. We will update you soon.

Can you take action to help in the “big picture?” Please help us stop the reactive and chaotic system that just continues to throw money? We need actual management. CLICK HERE. 


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