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Pass the Buck PR at Shawave while the roundup ends

If you have been following the Shawave roundup you know that BLM pushed to complete the operation and ran a trap in heavy smoke (HERE). The entire roundup in pictures can be seen in a fast collage at the bottom of this page.

You may be one of the people that sent a letter logging your displeasure with the way your wild horses, a public resource, were treated.

You may get one back from a BLM public affairs person that was not even present that day. The people you addressed your letter to are those responsible for the public resource.

They passed a memo to public affairs and she sent it. What happened at the trap is not something she is responsible for; she is also not responsible for the inane response she was told to send. If you feel the need to send another letter? send your reply to the same people you sent your original letter to.

The roundup has ended. Pushed to complete in 21 days. It was scheduled to last 45-60 days. 

2 more have died. 

This is the acceleration of the fast  track backwards. 



Total captured: 1,873 1,653 Horses (594 Studs, 757 Mares, and 302 Foals), 220 Burros (90 Jacks, 99 Jennies, and 31 Foals) Deaths: 12 

We sent an extensive letter that cited the law and medical references that noted the behavior onsite was not in line with equine, or human, health guidelines.

We were also there. We saw the roundup. We saw at the last trap before the “smoke trap,” when regular dust control was called for it was not used. We pointed out the violation of policy and when BLM moved trap, they brought out the water truck.

At the “smoke trap” BLM called off operation the first day due to asserted “health concerns.” Apparently the only concern was “can the pilot see?” On day two, almost identical conditions the pilot could see, so BLM flew. If it were “health concerns” operations should have shut down at least 3 days.

At the “smoke trap” the water truck may have sprayed once before we were allowed to the observation location. It did not spray again. If you live in a state like NV and drop a bit of water on the ground, it dries rapidly. However, it was not simply dust control, it was the extremely dangerous issue of heavy smoke. (non-technical article referencing human health)

This was a second offense at this operation. We will continue to work to gain accountability and reprimand.


The operation was cleared through Sept 9th. “The BLM expects the helicopter gather to take approximately 45-60 days.”

Shawave was pushed fast.

In 21 days BLM captured 1,873 wild horses and burros.
1,653 Horses (594 Studs, 757 Mares, and 302 Foals)220 Burros (90 Jacks, 99 Jennies, and 31 Foals) Deaths: 12

The target goal for wild horses was set at 1600 (50 to be released after fertility control, GonaCon). The goal for burros has been met (onsite we were told BLM would not be going after more burros).

In less than half the expected time frame, only 21 days, BLM has hit that goal. 

This operation was foul. It is only the beginning of the “bums rush” headed for all of our wild ones that were sold-out by the big cash cows that created “Ten Years to AML” (Path Forward). 


2 days in these conditions.

Was it just that someone had a new baby and needed to get home? Was it because there are only two weeks before the next big roundups and rest was needed?

Whatever the reason…

What you are seeing is the “Ten Years to AML” (Path Forward) agreement in action. Big corporate groups made deals, giving away the actual fight, that the orgs on the deal never fought in the first place. 

We will continue to fight against abuse. We are working hard and setting the stage to launch another legal offensive. It is not easy or cheap.

But what you are seeing? this is a fast track backwards. We are on the verge of witnessing more wild horses and burros removed from the range in any year since the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act was passed. The rapid fire removals coming will be more than oppressive as you see the reports we bring you with greater frequency. It will feel like an assault, because it is.

We need YOUR help to stop it. We need management. We do not need a game where we have some new taxpayer handouts into big corporate pockets and an acceleration of the broken the broken program as it collapses and takes our last large wild herds with it.

The 2021 Appropriations bill (spending for the federal government) is heading to the Senate.

Four Step Action

1.) Send a fast click and send letter to your Senator.

Click HERE to take Step 1.

You will get what is called a “form letter” as a reply from your Senator. Often the form letters were never read by anyone, just scanned for key words and then a form letter sent back. This is the result of all the “click and send” that has now become the standard in the “internet world.”  

2.) Print out this letter, our write your own, send to the address listed on your Senators website. Sending a FAX is actually a really good alternative to the mailbox. You can find your Senators contact info on their websites. To find out who your Senator is go to http://govtrack.us

(click HERE SenateLetter to print and FAX)

3.) Call the phone number on the letter you get back after “Step 1.” Ask for the email address of the person handling wild horses AND the person handling public lands. Unfortunately, wild horses are lumped in with “animal issues” in many offices. Wild horses are a public lands subject. 

After you get an email (or two) send the same letter that you put into the mailbox or sent via FAX via email. 

Step 4:  Make an appointment to talk to your Senators office. Due to Covid-19 offices are now doing those conferences via internet or phone. 

Thank you! Our wild ones need an educated and active advocacy, now more than ever.

To learn more go HERE. 



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