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“Extreme Roundup” (Shawave)

Yesterday BLM captured 164 wild horses. The conditions were extreme. In heavy smoke, at one of the dustiest traps we have ever seen, wild horses were pushed and pushed in conditions no one would subject a horse to. Temperatures for the day ranged from 42-95 degrees. (you can see an extensive photo log of 8/21 HERE)

BLM is back at that same trap today. This is not just “dusty conditions” on a dirt road. This is a trap set in 6-12 inches of actual dust; like pouring a sack of flour on the ground. This dust burns the nose, eyes and throat as is highly alkaline. BLM claims they are doing “dust control” as needed; the roadway and trap were sprayed once about an hour before the first run.

BLM did not need to set trap here; this was a choice. BLM did not need to fly today; this was a choice.

Check with any University or veterinarian, running horses in smoke is really bad. The “pilot can see” is not the only thing BLM needs to consider before doing something this unbelievable.

The fire is not near this HMA. The wind direction is blowing smoke from CA and the fire on the CA/NV border. BLM has 18 days left to conclude this operation. Instead, they are pushing to finish this weekend.

Total to datte: 1,535

1,315 Horses (480 Studs, 586 Mares, and 249 Foals)

220 Burros (90 Jacks, 99 Jennies, and 31 Foals)

Deaths: 9 (it should be noted that any wild horse that dies of respiratory distress or illness from the callous and unnecessary treatment occurring now, will not appear as a roundup related death;  BLM chose to ship directly to the off-limits facility in Fallon, Broken Arrow).


We could tell that bands had fractured. We saw one escape, only because she passed us.

We have passed on this info to our legal team. Action must be taken to hold those responsible accountable. The last two years in particular, BLM is sliding back into the days before we had a handling policy. We will have a very extensive piece for you soon as time permits.

If you think this is wrong you can register your disgust with the way your public resource is being treated.

You can write to these representatives of BLM as well. Ruth Thompson BLM WHB state lead NV: rthompso@blm.gov , State Director NV, John Raby (has used 2 email addresses): jraybee@blm.gov and jraby@blm.gov , Alan Shepherd in the DC on range chief: ashepher@blm.gov (these are the work email addresses)


If you want to learn more about the budget debate? the only thing the current amendment in the budget will do is obligate BLM to treat a few horses after a roundup with PZP instead of GonaCon. The current budget bill is being pushed by big cash, not boots on the ground advocacy. (learn more and take action)

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