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The Week in Roundups (Feb 9-15)

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The week began with two roundups running at the same time in Nevada: Reveille and Eagle. 

As you read please understand the “Path Forward” has dragged us back a decade. Access games, abuse and policy ignored as massive removals squeeze as many wild horses off the land as they can, any way they can. Understand “who” each or is, not what they claim they are. It is extremely important. 

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Reveille, Status Concluded:

Reveille has an unwritten target number of 200 with 70 released.  BLM captured 113 of about 210 wild horses living in the HMA. 16 studs, 22 mares treated with PZP, plus 1, were released. This leaves about 126 wild horses n the Reveille HMA that has an AML (appropriate stocking level according to BLM) of 138. 

The Reveille HMA overlaps livestock grazing allotments tat have year round permits of over 1000, and up to 2000, privately owned domestic livestock. We have been told actual use fluctuates between 800-1800.

The permittee in Reveille is featured in the book Wild Horse Country by Dave Philipps. 

In the book Dave fails to even look at the permit and the wild horses tat overlap from a mathematical perspective. He does not ask BLM what “math” is used to determine the permit. He just gives the “poor cowboy” story and the truth is far from that. Many people do not understand why we said Dave “wimped out” after being threatened with a punch in the face by former Sec. of Interior Ken Salazar after the investigation WHE assisted with for ProPublica uncovered nearly 1800 wild horses going to a kill-buyer family friend of Salazar. Read our review of Dave’s book again with Reveille fresh in your mind?(HERE)


The roundup ended with high wind warnings and a temperature drop. Reveille also shares air space with “Top Gun” style military training for pilots. In addition, the same contractor was running the roundup of 1700 wild horses in the Eagle Complex and split crews to get Reveille done.  These are all likely factors that played into BLM deviating from their normal routine at Reveille.

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The last capture date at Reveille was Feb 10 and the release concluded on Feb 12.

But the story of the roundup does not end there. The wild ones from Reveille have been shipped to the “off public view” overflow facility Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes). Around 2012 BLM stopped referencing the facility as “Broken Arrow” as a fast Google search was not favorable with images and reports of constant injuries and deaths. BLM now references the facility only as “Indian Lakes in Fallon.” That is the location, not the name of the facility.

The story will continue as we fight to see those wild horses in the facility.

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Status Ongoing:

Feb 15, wild horses captured:  40 (21 Studs, 19 Mares, 0 Foals)

Totals to date: 1365 (613 Studs, 747 Mares, 5 Foals) 16 confirmed deaths 

Our observer onsite said these pictures taken yesterday sum up observation of actual wild horses at Eagle well. Every effort to actually observe wild horses is impeded. Not once at capture could you assess wild horses and at the temporary facility there was not even a daily “walk around” the panels.

Our observer reported that on her first day there was a mare in colic in the GonaCon pen. BLM had given her a shot of Banamine.


Mare in colic

The contractor began reprimanding her saying that she did not want to see a picture of that mare online. That because a federally funded agency, rounding up federally protected wild horses (a  public resource), with a tax payer footed paycheck to the contractor, placed a holding facility on private property that they could control what we published. Below is that mare again.

It was not only observation in an absurdly far location on the first day that was an indication that this was an “access game” operation, it was activities at holding.

Our observer has more experience at roundups than any single human being government or private in eleven years. “I know what I see, hear and smell. I know what this roundup smells like.”

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There were multiple safe observation locations at every trap. BLM stated they could not get any of them approved, ie they blamed it on the contractor which is what they have always done. If this is the actual truth? BLM needs to remember they are actually paid by the tax payer and chose a contractor they pay with tax payer funding. At the beginning of tat chain is the tax payer and the First Amendment of the Constitution.

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The wild horses we can see clearly are only the ones that escape. They all show signs of being run chaotically and too hard. Lather like this is simply “too hard.” These wild ones had bands that consist of older and younger members. This is “too hard.”

This district is the same district where WHE won multiple court orders against abuse and have documented horrible things: babies electric shocked in the face, horses hit with the skids of the chopper, a mare run as she aborted for over 45 minutes.

Is it the contractor? Or is BLM in this district gladly using that contractor to limit visibility?

We can tell you that more wild horse adults have been roped during capture than is “normal.” We can tell you BLM is going allotment by allotment and simply devastating each and every subset population. We can tell you that 3 days were spent in one location to get one last band, BLM ended up getting two of them, both roped.

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2/15 Eagle

This is your public lands, your money, your federal agency.

A roundup like this one at Eagle (that targets 1700) is the type of operation that ran constantly prior to 2014. Starting in July, when roundup season begins again, you will see simultaneous roundups of over 1000 wild horses hitting all over the West, fast. The funding is coming from the “Path Forward, Ten Year to AML, Stewart Alliance” that was shoved through Congress by corporate lobby groups; they spent a lot of money to et their hands on more money. (HERE)

In the coming days we will bring you in-depth articles that address very important points of history, politics and those that manipulate it. Exploitation is heading into overdrive, you really need to understand why so we can effectively fight it. You also need to understand so a “meme” on FB is no longer relevant instead of a powerful tool crafted by paid public relations.

Big fights ahead.

We still have the release of the $21 million that will fuel the big roundups that will begin in July to hit with all we have. The 2020 fiscal year budget battle is not over. Please take this action (HERE) 

Roundups are not management. We need to demand fair management and a fair voice in process. 


Help keep us in the fight. 



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