Video of the “Eagle #WildHorse Mare” (Warning: Disturbing Content).

2018B_ll_0917 - 1 (13)

These are foals being run and run and run.

EDITED TO ADD, JANUARY 2020: We have been asked to post a direct link to this video through requests on social media as another operation is scheduled in this area. We posted the link on social media. (you can read more about that announcement HERE)

Warning; many will find the following content disturbing.

You can read a fast recap of the events here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/09/18/eagle-update-cawp-violations/

This video is the property of Wild Horse Education. Contact WildHorseEducation@gmail.com for permissions. Please respect how hard it is to do this work. 

9/19 totals: 281 (89 Studs, 126 Mares, 66 Foals), Deaths, 2

BLM will end today.  

Action item expired.

Why did we leave? This video was shared by another org, that was not onsite. When others say they fled a complaint, they mean they sent an email. Because of their interference we did not have funding to file litigation. We had to leave roundup early because we could not even make enough for gas. That is why we left.

to answer a common questions we received today: We were asked why we do not identify roundups by contractor. The BLM is the responsible party. Simplistic example: if you live in a neighborhood where the Association does not want pink houses and you paint your house pink, it’s not the contractors fault that you hired… it’s yours. Under the law BLM is the responsible party. For those of you that want to know who BLM hired for this operation, it was Sun J.