Video of the “Eagle #WildHorse Mare” (Warning: Disturbing Content).

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These are foals being run and run and run.

Warning; many will find the following content disturbing.

You can read a fast recap of the events here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/09/18/eagle-update-cawp-violations/


This video is the property of Wild Horse Education. Contact WildHorseEducation@gmail.com for permissions. Please respect how hard it is to do this work. 

To answer questions received:

We dealt with protocol engagement (so it can not be claimed we did not). We have checked all legal options.

We made that our priority prior to engaging media. We have no paid staff. We apologize for making you wait for video.

Wild Horse Education is the only org in history to take these issues (inhumane treatment at roundups) to court. When we make a statement we know what we are talking about. The pilot knew as he began to run her. This was confirmed by the wild horse specialist (acting COR) onsite, “Yes, the pilot saw her drop as he started pushing her.”

The truth of this matter is not determined in a facebook hate chatroom. It has become a huge issue that many “alt truths” have been created intentionally to sway opinion by both big entities and those “off meds.” This has polarized all issues, including wild horses, and dragged everything back in time. 

Yet we will not repeat the past. We will not be dragged backward. 

9/19 totals: 281 (89 Studs, 126 Mares, 66 Foals), Deaths, 2

BLM will end today. They are only cleared to remove 19 more. We are ready to file today, but we believe we need to go out of the box here and address this in another legal fashion after describing our constant litigation, and wins, against BLM NV on these issues after many conversations with,  and documents handed to, legal council. 

If you find this unacceptable you can email the National lead, Alan Shepherd, at ashepher@blm.gov and the Nevada State wild horse lead Ruth Thompson at rthompso@blm.gov 

If you want to help us deal with the many issues faced advocating for wild horses you can contribute by clicking below.


This is “big picture” time.

to answer a common question we received today: We were asked why we do not identify roundups by contractor. The BLM is the responsible party. Simplistic example: if you live in a neighborhood where the Association does not want pink houses and you paint your house pink, it’s not the contractors fault that you hired… it’s yours. Under the law BLM is the responsible party. For those of you that want to know who BLM hired for this operation it was Sun J.

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