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Eagle Update; CAWP violations

2018B_ll_0917 - 1 (13)Sept 17

Animals gathered: 21 (5 Studs, 11 Mares, 5 Foals)

Total captured 122; 2 deaths

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We will put this on top for those that live in a “buddy circle” of proslaughter making inane comments from their computers online without any experience in roundups or protocol. 

People who did not witness these two days do not understand what happened. This mare was run repeatedly, over days. We tried to work with COR onsite. The BLM Specialist knows this was “not right.” This is not “knee jerk.” WHE knows the difference. We have been to more roundups than even any single government employee in the last decade. BLM knows this was wrong, admitted it was wrong. Now they need to do the right thing and follow CAWP protocol and officially take action. If they do not, CAWP means nothing to them.

If you want to play “teams,” not what is right or wrong, and think “knowing a mare is slipping a foal just as you first move her and run her chaotically for 40 minutes is right?” You really need to look in the mirror. 

Wild HorseEducation (WHE) has been onsite at the Eagle operation. We add this section for background.

The first day of operations First Amendment issues at operations were present. We had to engage DC and legal. The issue was rectified. Please see the issues with the Pancake HMA to see another disturbing legal matter we are addressing in this same district (Ely): https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/09/14/gold-rock-the-destruction-of-a-wildhorse-herd-begins-blmnv/

At the trap site there were a number of issues involving trap set and runs that left foals behind. We engaged COR and issues appeared to be addressed as they arose, yet not timely to stop undue stressors. In one instance two or more bands wee combined. The run lost a young foal about 5 minutes in. This run repeatedly fractured bands and lasted over an hour back and forth across the valley. About 15 minutes in the foal was lost from view. The COR was engaged as there was no way to know which mare that foal belonged to. If they could not capture the foal then the mares had to be allowed to return. BLM let the bands go.

These bands are being run back and forth across the valley floor. These are the same bands, fragments of bands, being pushed repeatedly throughout the day. They break at the trap that has a very narrow mouth that hooks inward, not outward. There is no “funnel shape.” These bands are run toward the trap, fight at the mouth, fracture and flee over and over.

At the end of the day we are told there is a “new strategy” for the next day.

September 17.

However the following day began with the BLM Specialist not even at the trap. The first run captured 9 (one escape). There is nothing new with trap or capture methods, nothing. The runs repeat as before.

A stallion escapes the first run.

The escaped stallion joined two mares that had collected 3 foals on the range. This would make at least one of the foals an orphan collected by the mares that had no stallion. This is an indication of the stressors of the previous day.

2018B_ll_0917 - 1 (17)

We could see there was something “not right” with one of the mares; odd “tail set.” Zooming in with camera it could be seen she had just given birth, was giving birth or was miscarrying. (for all of those looking for a spin on this for absurd reasons this is not a PZP issue, there is no fertility control involved in any form.)

Two of the foals disappeared.

The pilot ran this mare for 40 minutes before pulling off failing repeatedly to capture her.

We added a video to this page, warning content may be disturbing https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/09/19/video-of-the-eagle-wildhorse-mare-warning-disturbing-content/

The BLM Specialist finally arrived and was notified of the mares condition and that two foals had disappeared.

Instead of looking for the foals the pilot grabbed two more bands that they failed to captured.

No one went to look for the foals.

Another run and failed capture.

We were then moved over 2 miles from the trap.

The next run was extremely aggressive and captured about 10 horses.

The next run failed and the bands fractured even with extremely aggressive flying.

At the end of the day the BLM Specialist did confirm (not more excuses) that the pilot knew the mare had just given birth or “slipped a colt.” The pilot saw it as be began to run her.

No one ever looked for the foals.

We are editing photo and video logs.

What happened was avoidable and intentional. This is not “ok.” This is not “an accident.” 


We sent a letter to BLM last night requesting appropriate reprimands under CAWP and warnings that the operation will be suspended if behaviors continue. This is the BLM protocol.

We are hoping that BLM will disclose this event in full, including their actions taken in record for the public. Public trust is extremely thin when it comes to believing those within the wild horse program values any wild horse. BLM needs to take action here. 

We apologize for this very brief report.

WHE is the only org in history to take these issues into a courtroom and win. We did that over and over until there was a policy. Now BLM decides in 2018 it is ok to ignore the policy and the provisions for violations. We are looking out of the box on legal options. At this time it appears so many people want to drag everything back in time. We are not going backwards, we will go bigger.

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This is “big picture” time.


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