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Owyhee Day 8; Update and Slideshow of #wildhorses and the roundup

Wild horses captured to date: 993 (Studs 393, Mares 428 , Foals 172)

Wild Horses Shipped to Palomino Valley Center: 771 (Studs 279, Mares 331, Foals 161)

Wild horses released: 61 (Studs 35, Mares 25 and one foal)

Deaths: 21

This roundup is scheduled to remove 1200 wild horses from the Owyhee Complex. At this juncture we do not have a target release number; we believe it will be determined by multiple factors. That means this operation could last a few more days or as long as two more weeks.

Many people are asking. We wish we could give you a clearer response. However, that is actually how each operation works. It can be influenced by what happens in real time.

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Wild Horses stare down chopper. Owyhee 2018

Today at the Owyhee Complex capture operation of wild horses:

Wild Horses captured: 57 (Studs 22, Mares 25, Foals 10)

 Shipped to Palomino Valley Center: 73 (Studs 24, Mares 41, Foals 8)


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Wild Horse Education volunteer Marie Milliman owns two wild horses; one of them from Owyhee. This operation is personal for her. She made a wreath of tail hair fro her mustangs and left it on their home range. 

Thank you Marie for your hard work at Owyhee!


More on Owyhee:

Week one in pictures; reflection and narrative:    https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/09/28/owyhee-wildhorse-roundup-week-one-in-pictures/

Some background in an article dated the first day of operations, Sept 21:     https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/09/21/background-as-the-owyhee-roundup-begins/

You can read daily reports by scrolling down the main page here: http://WildHorseEducation.org


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NOTE on access:

Back in 2010 our founder litigated the closure of an operation at Owyhee and closure of public lands. With a court order in her hand to see the operation she was denied access to view and threatened with arrest just for trying to see the horses in holding.

Our founder then spent the next 5 years litigating. There is now a policy that affords viewing for all.

This operation is essentially a “if it is on private land Tuesday and Thursday” BLM got waivers to take in public. If it is on public land we are offered access, but it is not known where traps will be on each day based on “where the horses” moved. Access to holding has been facilitated in some form each day operations can not be viewed.

That is progress.

Many people believe there is some “magic wand” that can fix things instantly. Progress is a stairway and each step must be taken in turn. Instant gratification is for social media, it does not happen in the real world.

WHE is working for real world change. That is the world our wild horses live in.



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