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Owyhee Day 8; Update and Slideshow of #wildhorses and the roundup

Wild horses captured to date: 993 (Studs 393, Mares 428 , Foals 172)

Wild Horses Shipped to Palomino Valley Center: 771 (Studs 279, Mares 331, Foals 161)

Wild horses released: 61 (Studs 35, Mares 25 and one foal)

Deaths: 21

This roundup is scheduled to remove 1200 wild horses from the Owyhee Complex. At this juncture we do not have a target release number; we believe it will be determined by multiple factors. That means this operation could last a few more days or as long as two more weeks.

Many people are asking. We wish we could give you a clearer response. However, that is actually how each operation works. It can be influenced by what happens in real time.

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Wild Horses stare down chopper. Owyhee 2018

Today at the Owyhee Complex capture operation of wild horses:

Wild Horses captured: 57 (Studs 22, Mares 25, Foals 10)

 Shipped to Palomino Valley Center: 73 (Studs 24, Mares 41, Foals 8)


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Wild Horse Education volunteer Marie Milliman owns two wild horses; one of them from Owyhee. This operation is personal for her. She made a wreath of tail hair fro her mustangs and left it on their home range. 

Thank you Marie for your hard work at Owyhee!


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You can read daily reports by scrolling down the main page here: http://WildHorseEducation.org


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