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Owyhee day 9; total to date #wildhorses captured 1,017, released 168, deaths 22

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Temporary holding Owyhee, 2018

Wild Horses Captured: 24 (Studs 11, Mares 10, Foals 3)

Released today: 107 (Studs 54, Mares 53 treated with fertility control)

Wild Horses Shipped to Palomino Valley Center: 38 (Studs 14, Mares 14, Foals 10)

Deaths: One today

9/29/2018, 8-year-old, Mare, euthanized “severe skin disease with open wounds and scarring greater than 30% of the body.”  (was she a burn survivor from the fire? We know speculation is usually not appropriate but in this instance this is a question worth asking. )

Today the trap was on private land, no observation of capture.

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Trailers of wild horses arrive at temporary holding north of Winnemucca during the first leg of the Owyhee 2018 operation. The second leg, the eastern side, is expected to begin in a coupe of days.

Totals to date: 

Total captured: 1,017 (Studs 404, Mares 438 , Foals 175)

Released: 168 (Studs 89, Mares 79* one foal released)

Wild Horses Shipped: 809 (Studs 293, Mares 345, Foals 171)

Deaths: 22

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Owyhee 2018

This operation is targeted to ship (permanently remove 1200 wild horses from the Complex). We expect operations to break down phase one and switch districts in a couple of days. However, as with all things roundup related, that could change at anytime.

Roundup reports will be loaded each day and our onsite observation will resume Tuesday.  Another org showed up as week one ended. So we are using a day to visit another area of concern and will bring you an urgent update on habitat loss. 

Extra: For those of you following our roundup reports from Muddy Creek in Utah, Eagle in NV and then the trip up to cover Owyhee over the last few weeks, know that we picked up a “hobo” cat, aka Speedbump,  living in a parking lot at a motel. The motel clerk asked us to please take him, he was dumped, and everyone there was afraid this sweet cat would not survive the winter. Tomorrow “Hobo Cat” will make the next leg of his journey to his new home.


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