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Eagle Update Day 3


13th: 48 wild horses captured (18 studs, 19 mares, 11 foals). One euthanized for a tumor on lip, 4 yr old bay stud)

14th: 32 captured (8 studs, 13 mares, 11 foals)

15th: 26 captured (update: 2 year old stallion euthanized for “sway back”)

Total: 106 captured, one death (update, two deaths)

Today trap moved. Observation was better but still no ability to observe loading. Wind kicked up; intense. Operations called early. Will resume at same trap tomorrow.

BLM is having difficulty updating the website accurately and giving total counts. We believe this issue will now be addressed.

2018B_ll_0915 - 1 (55)

Several wild ones escaped the trap. In one instance a small family joined a large group that escaped on the first try. On the second try they veered away.. The third attempt they broke from the larger group t the trap mouth and escaped. The pilot began to pursue and then let the small family go.

2018B_ll_0915 - 1 (58)

Just a few pics of that small family. We will edit video when time (and a better internet connection) allows. We scouted Silver King after trap broke as a removal is expected later this year.

We apologize for this brief update. We are running on little sleep.

2018B_ll_0915 - 1 (31)


Important article for all public lands, wild horse advocates about the “zero accounability factor” in Zinke’s DOI: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/09/09/zero-accountability-factor-department-of-interior-blm-doi-zinke-wildhorses-publiclands/

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This is “big picture” time.

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