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Eagle roundup report

BLM began the Eagle capture operation on September 13th and captured 48 wild horses. One bay stallion, 4 years old, was euthanized for a tumor on his lip.

BLM has those numbers (the 48 mentioned above) listed as the 14th of Septembers  capture total on the web update page. It was the 13th that those horses were taken.We will let them know today.

On the 14th our observer was more than one mile away. Our observer was given an estimated count of 32, but does not have footage to match the numbers given. We will update you when there is an official count and we were told (but can’t confirm) there were no injuries.

BLM has placed temporary holding on private property. It is unknown at this time if that is the property of the same rancher that currently has cows out. BLM did not allow observers into holding claiming the property owner “likes his privacy.” Maybe BLM needs to chose another area?

We spent the day in back and forth calls, emails and eventually forwarding it all to our legal rep, trying to address these issues.  In Nevada these issues are occurring  with an alarming increase in frequency. 

There was one event, however, observed well by our representative. A foal flees after it’s family is captured and tried to hide with the cows. It is chased by helicopter and later roped.

We will update you tomorrow and hopefully can actually bring you some observations of handling and drives. We did engage from DC to field level and do not anticipate tomorrow will be the same… but we could be wrong.

This is the same district that is responsible for the Pancake HMA and leaving wild horses interests out of the NEPA process on the Gold Bar mine set to decimate Pancake. Learn more here: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/09/14/gold-rock-the-destruction-of-a-wildhorse-herd-begins-blmnv/


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