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Agenda is Clear; we will fight back

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Mares like this one capture in February of 2018 at Triple B carry a foal for about 11 months. Spaying in field is not only extremely dangerous (and would never be attempted on a domestic) but would include the termination of the lives of the foals in utero.

Fast update from the road.

Last November as the debate for Appropriations (federal funding) heated up the real agenda became crystal clear. For years we have tried to educate the public to multiple layers of movement, how they fit together, how they obstruct appropriate actions and where root causes are ignored in favor of predetermined agenda items. “Wild horse ground zero; killing, slicing and taking control” was written to inform our readers that spaying wild mares in the field was part of what the “anti wild horse” faction was moving full steam, you can read that article here:   https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/11/30/wild-horse-ground-zero-killing-slicing-and-taking-control/

Our update last week, as appropriations again took center stage, included information to help you navigate some of the social media “screaming” that had already begun. Please see this article for links that will help you see how those political antics create a noise that drowns out the actual process, advocacy engagement is weakened under the noise, media and public are misinformed and the opposition gets stronger and closer to achieving their goals. We told you as things become a bit more focused in site specific discussion we would inform you: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2018/05/22/week-of-5-21-2018_update/

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the Burns district n Oregon has sent out a scoping letter. The letter outlines a “ten year” study project that would be accomplished through a probable “public/private partnership” with a University or other entity. The project has multiple peripheral actions (collaring, roundups, etc) but the focal point is field spaying and a plethora of “experimental” activities surrounding field spaying as “research.” You can read the scoping letter here: ws_spay (1)

There are multiple EAs out that use vague language on “fertility control” that would open a door to attempt “field spaying” in a paperwork process referenced as a “DNA” under NEPA.  We expect those attempts after funding is cleared for such projects. Litigation will be part of that picture.

We are answering the BLM scoping document. As that conversation creates movement we will update you.

Be careful about being reactive and remember to be proactive. There are multiple layers that must conclude prior to any action taking place. If we can engage each layer effectively we can get the wild horse program into the realm of an actual “tool building” process that addresses the wild horses welfare, not the long standing agendas based on myth and ignorance.

We are in field and only had time to write this fast update. More soon….


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