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A Conversation of Law and a memorial

On Memorial Day weekend we are reposting articles that honor wild horses, public land and the fight to protect our land, horses and the law.
Today we remember Ninth Circuit Federal Judge Noonan.

Wild Horse Education

On February 14, 2012 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals published an opinion in a case that became simply known as “Leigh v Salazar.” One of many cases with that moniker as we fight for wild horses, our fight for the publics right to know has been core to the work of our founder and this organization. That case has been widely cited in civil rights trials nationwide defending press and public freedoms, yet often goes overlooked in the wild horse world.

Ninth Circuit Judge J. Noonan has just passed away.

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day.

ssk010 Galahad and Silver King

Just journaling, Laura Leigh

“It’s hard to get the public to understand simple cases involving a NEPA violation or handling issues. This particular case is not simplistic. One of the burdens carried by our wild horses is propaganda. That spin machine is active in every venue they occupy…

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