Captive after last day of Humbolt roundup 2014

Captive after last day of Humbolt roundup 2014

“The original purpose of this work was not to tell the story of the program, but the story of how the program effects the wild horse. After all isn’t that the only viewpoint that matters?”~WHE founder, LLeigh

One of the things we do at Wild Horse Education is document roundups, wild horses in holding and on the range. We do compilation videos every year and have loaded some of the video we have on our YouTube and Vimeo channels onto this page. We literally have tens of thousands of hours of video.

Conger 2016

A Sheldon heartbreak

Loaded from most recent to videos of past years, these are the year in review videos:

2014 we revisit the song “I Wanna Run Free” as progress is made in areas of humane care, access and we make steps to protect wild ones free on the range. Competition is fierce on public land from interests trying everything to remove our wild horses and burros. Legal actions have been coming from the livestock industry to remove and even destroy wild horses. Read about 2014 highlights here:

In 2013 we were given permission by Melissa Etheridge to use her song “Run for Life.” This song was our choice to both represent the flight of our wild ones to stay free, our race to save them and our founders fight against breast cancer.

In 2012 we chose an amazing song by Maria Danes called “Set Us Free!” When you listen to this song the reasons for it being chosen for our highlight piece of the year will be obvious. “Well I aint a horse with no name, you kill our souls you gonna carry this shame,” turn it up…

“I Wanna Run Free,” by Maria Danes and Paul Killington set the state for the 2011 year in review. This was the first official year end video we put together. A lot of this footage has been used in litigation to gain a humane handling policy.

“Is It Bas Enough For You?” was the first compilation video we did showing footage from 2010 and the beginning of 2011. This video obtained a “viral” status and has been viewed in multiple forms by nearly 4 million people. This video has been quoted by federal Judges “Is it Bad Enough For YOU?” during the course of our 4.5 year fight up and down the legal system to gain access to view wild horses, obtain  humane handling policy and document what happens to them.

To view more of our video go to our YouTube archive:

The YouTube archive of founder Laura Leigh before she created WHE:

A few longer videos on Vimeo:

Wild Horse Education has the largest collection of first hand documentation of wild horse roundups over the last 5 years in the world. Our documentation has gained more than 8 court orders in favor of wild horses including access issues, humane handling and unjustified removals. Our work has helped create new plans moving forward and a dialogue toward reaching greater progress toward the protection of wild horses and burros from abuse, slaughter and extinction.