Checking in: Pancake 3

Off-Spring of the “Old Man of Pancake” were captured during the brutal winter roundup in Nevada of 2022. Many of you will remember that roundup that began with a “snap” of the […]

Sponsor Assist Needed

Do you remember Rosie and Kid? Captured at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (NWS) on the anniversary of 9/11, Rosie gave birth that night to a foal. That foal saved her life. […]

The “New Rule”

There is a lot of buzz about a proposed “new rule” that would supposedly help elevate environmental concerns as a component of the current “multiple use” mandate of land management.  Many of […]

4-Step 2024 Budget Action

The Appropriations process has begun. With this debate comes the annual confusion over the process. Appropriations is bill that must go through both houses of Congress, be passed containing identical language and the […]

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