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Foundation; Hard Facts

Wild Horse Education is an organization devoted to the hard truths of public land and wild horse management. Our work first builds a baseline of information that includes field data, historic information and existing protocol. That information is applied strategically toward changing policy. Educating the public, media, legislators and the court system is a challenge. Addressing long entrenched cronyism is essential. 

We often reference our work as “tool building.”

Field Work

Engaging the public, the media, legislators or the courts begins in field.

Our teams have amassed the largest library of wild horse captures in the last decade.

  • This data was used as the basis for litigation that changed policy on handling and on access to wild horses and burros. 
  • This data has been used in multiple investigations including exposing a large number of wild horses sold to one kill buyer.
  • This information has provided multiple adopters with some history of where their horse came from and how it was captured. Our wild horses are not “just a number.” 

Our teams have created trend data maps on herd movement, behavior and range conditions in various Herd Management Areas (HMAs).

  • This data is used for site specific engagement that can create templates for long term preservation of our wild horses and the wild places they live in.
  • Our data has assisted in the creation of site specific management plans; some have made it to the field level but are “on hold.” We continue to design projects and are attempting to bring them into actualization.
  • Our teams have created reports requested by various oversight agencies and government officials to shed a light on massive propaganda presented by industry. 
  • This information provides a baseline to fight against habitat loss.

In order to create a better reality for wild horses the conversation must begin with the reality the wild horse lives every single day.

Dollar for dollar WHE is leading the way; creating change, not creating a profit line. 

Changing the reality of the wild horse must begin with the reality the wild horse lives.

Laura Leigh, WHE Founder | April 2011

Our Work; Abridged

First Amendment

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Stopping Unjustified Actions

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All of our work must begin with first hand documentation and intensive research. Your support has helped us lay a strong foundation to build upon. Adapting to the rapidly changing environment, both physical and politically, is only possible with your help. Adaptability is key to fighting for survival in our wild places, for our wild things.