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WHE volunteers share some of their stories. #MyGivingStory #Gratitude

Laura Leigh is the founder and President of this organization. The work of this organization has created policy changes through litigation efforts based on up-to-the-minute documentation from the range. You can view some of the work by clicking here

“She has a detailed understanding of the law and a passionate desire to see wild horses treated humanely. and, because of this, she has dedicated her life to making sure the spirit of the Wild Horse Annie Law is carried out.” ~ Dave Philipps, Pulitzer prize winner, writing about Laura Leigh in his book “Wild Horse Country.”



Cathy Ceci, a day on the road

Cathy Ceci, Volunteer and Board member (you can vote for Cathy’s story to help us win a prize! click here to read the entire story http://bit.ly/MyGivSt )

The Fight Nobody Knows About
– Cathy
One of the most moving sights in the wild came to me in the dark of night on a camping trip many years ago. Thundering hoofs in the darkness revealed a band of truly wild horses. In the bright moonlight, they looked like passing ghosts except for the majestic stallion. He whirled abruptly, stomped and snorted, staring at us until his band was safely past our camp. His presence was majestic and wild, and very protective of his family. I could see a young foal, carefully shielded from us by the mares. He was so small, so vulnerable to everything.
The band was located in a huge open area of public lands, supposed to be protected by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses & Burro Act of 1971. I began my road to discovery thinking I would find a romantic story of American’s love of wild ones instrumental in the construction and development of our country. Instead, I found a harsh reality of continual betrayals by the very government tasked to keep them safe. I heard stories of tiny foals being rounded up, running for miles in horrible conditions, many dying, then the close knit family bands are destroyed forever as they are removed from their homes. I vowed to find a way to do more to save and protect them. If America’s ‘protected’ wild horses are in danger that means all of our wild lands are in danger too. (read the rest of the story here and vote and share to support Wild Horse Education! https://goo.gl/iezevG)
revefebday4_marie-1Marie Milliman, volunteer Public Relations intern. Marie has written many articles for WHE and is a regular contributor to Natural Horse Magazine.
A Journey with our Wild Ones and Places, Wild Horse Education
– Marie
I was born loving horses. I can’t remember a time that I didn’t. I made the momentous decision to adopt an American Mustang after I suddenly and horrifically lost my beloved, Player. I always thought my next horse would be a Mustang, the challenge and reward of developing a relationship with a wild one intrigued me (I’m always up for a challenge). Buying a horse seemed trivial; you can’t buy relationships. My knowledge of Mustangs was nil at this point. I was not aware of the escalating management challenges against their survival; in the wild and also in captivity.
And so my fateful journey began, for which I am eternally grateful. The date was set, and my courageous twin sister agreed to be my chaperone. My nephew asks, “How much is it to adopt a mustang?” I answer, “One hundred twenty-five dollars, plus my commitment, plus my heart.” Two mustang adoptions later, and a growing suspicion of how “my girls” came to be captive, I was passionately motivated to aid in their survival. (To read the rest of Marie’s story, vote and share click on this link https://goo.gl/YRSGPq)
RoundupWildHorseEducationBeth Quigley Lauxen, volunteer Board member
A heartbreaking or tragic event can spin one’s life into a period of immobilizing grief, but in time such events can transform into a proactive “silver lining” that creates hopeful change for others. I experienced such an event while advocating for wild horses, which inspired me to get involved and contribute to Wild Horse Education and its Founder Laura Leigh… to read all of Beth’s story, vote and share click here, https://goo.gl/ZqvfXJ
… We encourage all lovers of wild horses to join with WHE to fight the imminent threat of mass killing of literally tens of thousands of wild horses in holding facilities, by our own government. At this time only the pending Senate budget vote stands between those wild horses and death. You too, can become a Wild Horse Warrior, please join us!
You can go to this link to view the latest roundup report and take action today to help our wild horses in the budget debate this year that could kill tens of thousands of America’s wild horses! https://wildhorseeducation.org/2017/11/15/fox-lake-and-range-roundup-update/
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