Year end fundraiser 2017


365 days a year we advocate for our wild horses and burros. From field monitoring of herds and range health, rescue, litigation, research and planning, we are working to be your voice to keep wild horses free from abuse, slaughter and to be given freedom on the range. Our goals involve tool building to assist in creating sanity in range management, successful adoptions and for transparent and humane treatment of wild horses and burros program wide.

Our “thank you” is a promise. A promise that we will work as hard as we can with every dollar and not give up. On Giving Tuesday we did not make our funding goals but we had a great team spirit to kick off the season. We were not one of those organizations that made tens of thousands of dollars, but we made enough to fight back.

Since Giving Tuesday we have presented you with daily reports from roundups, filed litigation to address shrinking land for wild horses, continued to supply a Congressional investigative team (into public land management) documentation on corrupt practices and drafted an on the range solution document presented in a packet to Congress as part of a broad concerted effort by a handful of advocacy organizations. We promise to keep thanking you with as much real world action as we can.

We can. We gained the first and only legal rulings against inappropriate conduct, abuse, of wild horses during capture. We won a landmark victory for your right to witness.

We have stopped unjustified removals through litigation or simply presentation of field data. We have helped create plans to keep wild horses free on the range.

Please help us make the coming year the biggest “we can” for the wild ones. The challenges this year are greater than ever.

We THANK YOU and renew our commitment to fight for freedom of our wild herds. Please consider a donation today to help us end the year strong and begin 2018 with the war chest we need to face the challenges that threaten our wild horses and wild places.


Through January 1, 2018 we have a generous donor that will match all gifts to the fight fund.  Click HERE. (our mailing address is: Wild Horse Education  216 Lemmon Dr. #316, Reno, NV 89506. To be eligible for the match envelopes must be postmarked before 2018. Thank you so much!)

A look back at our 2017

You can view some of the #MyGivingStories from some of the volunteers of WHE, at this link. 

Some of the work of WHE can be viewed on a mini resume here. (Yes, we need to update the page but the website has not been our priority, the work is in these crazy times.)


Chad “dancing” free on the range after release. “How do you describe the sensation of freedom?”

TOGETHER we will blaze a trail to protection of our treasured herds! Help us fight to keep them free.