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2017, A Letter

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From the desk of Laura Leigh; founder of Wild Horse Education

Our wild horses stand at the center of a public land resource grab. It is a dangerous place to stand and they now face a bullet in the head, literally, in funding bills.

We stand at the frontline as we always have. We are the only organization to take issues of inhumane treatment into a courtroom over and over and win policy change. We don’t just show up for a TV camera or to take a picture to ask for money, we fight back. We are doing the same today.

Some of what we have done in 2017:

Continued to document roundups where WHE stays every single day. Our volunteers create reports and submit through the process our litigation built to create a stronger policy for humane capture. We are the leader in action, not rhetoric.

On the legal front we had First Amendment victories as we battled threats from BLM contractors that tried to shut access down claiming we were “damaging” their relationship with BLM. We fought to continue to have access to captured mustangs during capture and in holding.

We filed litigation against government agencies withholding critical information; we are one of twenty individual journalists, and five news organizations, nationwide to take on this issue. Our case was handed over to a House investigative team where they are working diligently to get this to a Congressional Hearing.

We have filed litigation to return acreage to wild horses for their legal use.

We gave testimony to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), the Government Accounting Office (GAO) and a special Congressional investigative team.

We were featured in multiple news venues including NPR, AZ Central, USA Today, CBS and Natural Horse Magazine as we continued to bring to light the plight of our western ranges and our wild horses. Our founder was featured in Wild Horse Country,  a book released by Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Philipps.

We began webinars to help the public navigate the confusing landscape of politics. Our webinars were attended by more than 1600 people across the country and each and every one took appropriate action with their legislators to stop the budget bill from killing tens of thousands of wild horses. The public and many in Congress willing to help were confused by the rhetoric. Facts can help dispel the dark cloud of alt truth.

We organized and participated in #Kids4WildHorses, a letter writing campaign to remind Congress that they are not only beholden to campaign contributors but are responsible for the nation we create for our children.

We are continuing to work with members of the House and Senate to bring the truth of the lives our wild horses experience each and every day in these intense and dangerous times. We can do that only because we have travelled and documented the world the wild horse lives in; day in and day out.

We continue to document the truth of the range. Our reports stand as the best defense our wild ones have.

Thank you for your continued support as we “walk the talk” and continue to take action. This million mile journey is not possible without you.

Onward into 2018. A year that may bring the greatest changes to our American West since the Civil War. We fight for the wild horse and the land they stand. Thank you for sharing the road with us.



A release of wild horses in 2017 that had been given fertility control but are still not given a fair share of the resources on the range and are subject to removal once more. When they are removed next will they simply be shot or sent to slaughter? CLICK HERE for information and action item.


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