Information is Power (series)


Your ability to speak effectively for wild horses is based on the information you have. It is critical to understand the threats to the information available to the public.

“Information is Power” is a 5 part series that delves into the process of gathering accurate information on matters associated with wild horse and burro management by federal agencies. This series also addresses the challenges and the threats.

This page will act as the landing page for the articles in the series and links will be added as each section publishes.

Your voice is extremely important as an advocate. Your voice includes your ability to engage on issues of national importance, your ability to litigate grievances and you ability to vote. Public Voice is a multi section piece that is an overview on ways in which your voice is important to wild horses. The piece focuses on how voice is used in process highlighting the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and how that is threatened. The piece is on our new web portal that we are expanding and can be read HERE. 

If you only have time to read one article in the series, part 4 should be of particular interest to wild horse advocates: Information is Power, Part Four: A tale of manipulation, intimidation and abuse of power. CLICK HERE 

The pieces in this section focus on information. Accurate information is the basis for an effective voice, an effective advocacy. These pieces are presented in first person narrative. We have found that when we present articles this is the most effective format for our readers when we address subjects that can get a bit “technical.”

A critical action item can be found in these pieces that you can take today! Just click the first piece and read…

Information is Power, Part One: This first segment addresses the current challenges faced as transparency has taken a massive step backwards and faces another threat. CLICK HERE.

Information is Power, Part Two: the second segment in the series discusses what FOIA is and the true power of FOIA. CLICK HERE.

Back to Basics: Essential reading before Part Three, National Academy of Sciences. CLICK HERE

Information is Power, Part Three: The story of a FOIA unanswered for 8 years. CLICK HERE

Supplement titled “One HMA” that goes into detail about how one HMA, Triple B, is not managed for “thriving natural ecological balance,” it is managed for ease of profit driven enterprise and politics.

Information is Power, Part Four: A tale of manipulation, intimidation and abuse of power. CLICK HERE 

Information is Power, Part Five: A Wrap up and a look ahead. CLICK HERE