A wild horse family was devastated by the Triple B roundup. The youngster went to holding and is lost in the facility, the stallion escaped the chopper. The beautiful mare was killed for the crime of “blue eyes.” In addition the mountain lions, that kept foal survival at about 7% and you would find no old or infirm in this subset herd, were a priority kill for the Dept of Wildlife at the same time as the roundup. All of it just in time for livestock turnout.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a copy of Triple B Magazine, how one HMA is caught in a mess of politics.

This magazine, published in January of 2019, is still a good example of what is happening to all of your truly wild horses. If you have time to read it, the information can give you a baseline about what is happening to all of our herds.


This area was hit by massive roundups in 2018 and 2019  Triple B is, once again, in the line-up for a 2020 roundup. For a decade we have documented this area, the fictions and the wild horses. 

We covered “what you need to know” in the framework in part one, here. We hope this helps you to prepare to engage your legislators: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/01/07/new-to-wild-horses-the-basics-of-the-fight-part-one/

As you read the e-zine it is critical to remember:

Wild horses are the only animal in our nation defined by the land it stands, not what it is biologically. (this means where the horse stands defines what the laws surrounding management are; a free-roaming horse on BLM or FS land is a “wild horse under law,” intended to be managed “as the living… spirit” of the land “it now stands.” A free-roaming horse standing anywhere else is not under the same legal system. A wild horse adopted or sold, is governed under domestic animal laws. Advocacy for the wild, begins with the wild.)

Wild Horses are confined to arbitrary boundary lines, the HMA. (These HMAs comprise less than 12% of public lands.)

Those two points make habitat preservation a critical focal point for protection of the wild, wild horse. The need for holding facilities, sanctuary, protection from slaughter come long after we have failed to address the key flaws, and the manipulation of the flaws by political forces, on the range.

Water, the most critical component for life everywhere. On our western ranges natural waters are piped into troughs for livestock and diverted for mining. Livestock operators turn off water and then claim there is none for wild horses. Water supplies on the range are not managed for “natural ecological balance” and everything suffers.

The digital magazine below is designed to illustrate one HMA; a roundup, the EA, the way predators are destroyed, and a taste of the politics that drive it all.  (Please read, or at least flip through, the magazine embedded on this page.)


Help us to stay in this fight.




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