CHALLENGE #4WildThings

Our wild horses, wild things and wild places are in trouble. How can YOU help? You can help us raise awareness, and the funds, we need to fight back!

Take the Challenge #4WildThings! 

Take our “wild thing” challenge!

Wild Horse Education dares you to get wild 4 wild things! We dare you to challenge your friends to get WILD!

Make a short video clip of yourself (if you don’t want to make a video there are other ways to help further down this page). Your video needs to be at least 15 seconds in length (you need to use the music in clip loaded on this page to keep us all “legal like.”).  Load your videos on YouTube, title them #4WildThings when you share them, and include the link to this page, send us your link to:

Download sample audio or just play the video on this page in the background! 

Each week we will highlight videos made by YOU and include them in our final “mash up” of WHE supporters in our video featured on our website in June! The video published on this page is to give you ideas. You don’t need a mustang, stick horse or zebra! Use your imagination! We will include your video in our supporter mash up!

Challenge your friends! If we can get this to spread we can help to raise awareness. Get wild and let’s make it heard loud and clear, that we are all wild 4 wild things!

This is important. Tag your videos #4WildThings when you share on Youtube, add the link to this page and send us the link to your video!

  1. Make a tribute. Include a photo of your “wild thing.” Your horse, kids or best friend! 
  2. Sing it as a love song! Include your love in the video; your horse, dogs or that squirrel that comes every morning to say “hello.”
  3. Make it a party! Invite the people at work, the barista making your coffee or just your craziest buddies to get wild with you!
  4. If you can’t do video do a still photo of you getting wild 4 wild things and tag that! That works too!
  5. Have fun!

Don’t want to make a video? You can make a difference for our important work at Wild Horse Education by making a donation today. Bragging rights can be yours too. Without you none of our work is possible.


Wear this really cool t-shirt to show YOUR support! These fun shirts can be ordered through JUNE 12, 2017. ORDER HERE. When you place an order you can add a donation if you want to! 


You can make contact with your Representatives in Congress and tell them you stand for wild things and wild places… and you want our wild horses protected!

You can find your representatives here:

We have made it easy for you to have the information you need to hand out to friends, family and to send to your Representatives! Just click here for our latest pamphlet and information report!

Remember we CAN make a difference! The threats are real. They are well funded and and aimed at our public land and wild horses. 

Take a moment to get wild #4WildThings! Together we can make our voices heard!

Main website:

A big THANK YOU to everyone that participated in making the example challenge video! We can’t wait to include your WILD thing!

Diane & the Deductibles Diane Adams, Robert Sarzo, Cliff Rehrig, Ronnie Ciago and Keith Lynch

Sound engineer: Tim Kirk, Backline Rehearsal Studios.

Shirlee Hull, Marie Milliman, Elyse Gardner, Shannon and her zebra Diesel, Izzy and Jaelyn. 

Our friends at WildLands Defense

The final version will be out in June… with YOU and your WILD THINGS!


Without your contributions nothing we do is possible. Thank YOU.

WHE is wild #4WildThings