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Updates (Oct. 25)

We know we put out a lot of material in a month. So here is a rundown on October, so far.

The ongoing Roberts Mountain Roundup has captured about 245 wild horses of the 1,161 target. 3 have died. Roberts has a long history with WHE where, since 2012, we have been trying to get BLM to correct deficits in boundary lines, forage allocation and stocking numbers. Big money of mining and livestock truly control “decision making” in this district and data is pushed way down the list of priorities. Even weed killer (Roundup) was being sprayed and mining equipment offloaded near trap as the roundup began.

You can read team reports HERE. 

Final numbers are in on the Moriah Herd Area roundup: 441 captured, 439 shipped to off-limits to the public facility in Sutherland, Utah. 2 have died. The last day of the roundup finally brought some access to assess capture. However, the location of trap was really more Antelope Complex than Moriah.

You can read our team reports HERE.

Before the tour of Broken Arrow (aka Indian Lakes) this Friday, our team member Colette Kaluza wrote an extensive piece addressing transparency and the lack thereof.

You can check it out HERE. 

Stone Cabin, 23

Many of you have read about the rancher that filed a lawsuit to try to force BLM to remove wild horses at Stone Cabin and have been emailing it to us. Yes, we saw it the day it filed and sent it to our attorney. WHE has an active appeal against the plan BLM approved at Stone Cabin. We sent our appeal to our attorney as well. We are meeting with the attorney next week.

The lawsuit to gain an enforceable welfare policy is alive and well. The case that began this summer at the Antelope Complex just saw BLM respond to the Complaint and we are preparing our answer. Next up is what is called the “Administrative Record” phase, then additional discovery, and then what is called “Summary Judgement.” The hearing this summer was attached to a motion that tried to get restrictions from the court. This particular court saw the County Commission claim that there was an emergency as the “public interest served” and did not restrain BLM beyond a comment to not infringe on Constitutional Rights of Access and to be “careful” to comply with existing policy. This case may seem like a long road to get enforceable standards but it is the only road after years of watching BLM treat the current policy, that had to be driven by litigation in the first place, as only important when it is convenient for them.

The fight is very active, now.

As the Eagle roundup was underway in 2020, BLM was approving a massive grazing scheme called the “Wilson Creek” EA. This EA encompassed Silver King, Eagle and Choke Cherry HMAs. WHE filed an appeal with our partner WildLands Defense. This massive EA is so big the court basically broke it into 6 pieces. This month Orders were sent by the court on motions to try to dismiss the appeal and deny Standing (or the right to appeal) from numerous parties.

The fight is back on.

In the coming weeks we will have more news for you from teamwork in Nevada, California, New Mexico and Idaho. 

We may not be the biggest organization, but we have always been tenacious. 

Keep reading, learning and being an active advocate. Create relationships with your lawmakers and update them as often as you can. Our wild ones need all of us to continue to work hard for them… wherever and whenever called.


Our wild ones should live free on the range with the families they hold dear. Our wild ones should also live without abuse.

WHE carries ongoing litigation to force BLM into open public process to create an enforceable welfare standard for our treasured wild ones. WHE carries ongoing litigation to hold BLM accountable. Our wild ones need data-based on-range planning (BLM has scant data, science and basic management planning) and transparency. 

Thank you for keeping us in the fight!

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