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Triple B_Day 37 & 38 (video)

Totals to date:

1,585 (549 Stallions, 771 Mares, and 265 Foals) wild horses captured.

1,495 (488 Stallions, 750 Mares, and 257 Foals) to off-limits facilities where we do not know which days shipped to which locations.

23 have died


158 (50 Stallions, 85 Mares, and 23 Foals) wild horses were captured as BLM pushes long into the heat of the day in the last half of this operation. Day 37 was the largest capture day of this operation.

Above: One escapes capture as family is chased into the trap. He circles back and then runs away as horses are trailered off the range.


Above: The first clip is from the waiting area to do a walk around. The other clips are the full time given at each pen. We had to drop sound out and edit out an extremely distracting confrontation with contract staff (that is why there is no sound in the last few clips and you can’t hear horses or the nearby highway). Yes, there is a lot more video tapped from that tour…. but the rest of it has nothing to do with wild horses so we edited it out before publish.

It is our assessment that the operation should have been called about 2-3 runs earlier to avoid overstocking of the temporary corrals. BLM was returning to the same trap the next day and could have allowed the area to rest overnight instead of pushing a single day beyond stocking parameters outlined in CAWP (that is why we document the only thing we can see clearly, the number of horses in the size of the pen). In addition, the cremello mare in the last clip is either injured or possibly aborted as you can see the blood patterns on her legs. 

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We do not know if it was simply that this horse was in the next pen or the FAA investigation or the article that seems to be annoying or … ??? We do not know why things were allowed to reach the point they reached. You cannot see anything in the full video that could provoke what happened out there.

It is unclear why an 8 minute tour for one member of the public is an issue after capture of 158 wild horses. When a TV crew missed trap (and was provided a holding tour) the time at each pen was as much as 6 x’s  longer in length, time was given to video a photographer that came in for the media (and he was given time to set a tripod) only 59 wild horses were captured that day…. 158 were captured today. 

Why are days when only one member of the public is present so rushed and often hostile? This is not a “one-time” event. This is an issue that has been occurring for over a decade. 


11 (5 Stallions, 4 Mares, and 2 Foals) were captured. One run on the second day at this trap ended with (what appears to be) a horse down during the run. Riders and trailer went out. We have to assume this is the horse noted that broke it’s neck on the BLM website this morning.

Our observer was refused a tour of temporary holding. Instead, she went to the pull off on the highway to check stocking levels as well as possible from that location. 11 were captured and 125 shipped on the second day at this trap alleviating a bit of the overcrowding from the day before.

This is the second trap in a row where BLM has pushed really hard and long on day one at a trap, and (over)filled temporary holding, and then goes back the second day for a band or two. Why overstock pens and risk injury when you are doing more than one day of trapping in a location? Is it that the end of this 4th squeeze in 5 years of Triple B is nearing or something else?

BLM reported 2 deaths yesterday: 3 year old Sorrel Stallion died unexpectedly: broken neck.  3 year old Brown Mare put down: blind, missing right eye.

Our team member remains onsite.

Our team has been onsite at Triple B every single day since day 1.

You can view team reports from 7/15-8/9 HERE.

From 8/10 and ongoing HERE. 

Our off-site team has been working on our own projects and assisting others since Triple B began. Many in the public sphere are often unaware of how much information we provide, edit, assist others with. We are, literally, working around the clock.

When Triple B ends, and we have more time. we will have a lot of updates. Stay tuned.

Help keep us in the fight.

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