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Media Day (Antelope Update 8/2)

A screenshot of BLM update for Wednesday, August 2.

As this massive operation races toward conclusion, of the 3,107 targeted for capture in the Antelope Complex, BLM has 650 left to capture. Last week, in 6 days of active trapping using 3 traps (2 of which provided no public observation) BLM captured 702.

When media comes things often change a bit onsite. When media comes and it has been to a high profile roundup that has gotten a lot of attention, it is usually a sure bet that you will see differences. Today, the tension rises through the roof and the atmosphere goes from tense to about as highly controlled as things could get.

Twin Peaks, 2010. Often during an interview BLM public affairs or staff will give information that was not provided to the public. Back then, every advocate present would video tape the public interviews to make sure we received the same info. Today, BLM public affairs gets really angry and makes false accusations. We wonder if government personnel understand the First Amendment rights of organizations that participate in news gathering and reporting? In 2010, advocates and BLM both understood at least that aspect of the Constitution.


BLM moved operations to a new trap (to the south of operations of the last week) to the Spruce Mountain area.

The trap was set so that none of the drive to the trap location and none of the trap panels could be seen. (Entire day condensed below)

The rest of the day at trap was a highly controlled atmosphere where, essentially, BLM gave interviews they could have given over the phone. Not much of operations were viewed.

We have to drop off sound when we publish tours of holding on media day. Not because you are not allowed to hear what is said, but because it is a real distraction when you are scanning pens to assess condition of captives.

Note: BLM has had 3  more wild horses escape in the area of temporary holding. Over the last 2 days, 3 horses escaped that were captured at least 50 miles away “as the crow flies,” several fences and a highway away.

BLM has installed extended snow fencing to try to keep stallions confined with rival stallions during breeding season (as their mares and foals are in other pens) and under intense human pressure (even dog walking), from escaping.

It should be noted that BLM lists these escapes as releases.

Our team has always taken our responsibility seriously to report to the public and run an actual assessment of operations. We are not just there to take a few pictures and say we are there.

It gets absolutely childish at roundups. So we do need to state this for the record: We are not the ones taking pictures of the public (when the public does not even know their picture is being taken) and putting them on web pages and social media… BLM is.

Documenting BLM staff and agents performing tasks associated with the handling and capture of wild horses is protected by the Constitution.

The very hard work to gain an adequate and enforceable welfare standard continues.

What our lawsuit asks for HERE. 

Our team is back in field and working hard behind the scenes.

We will keep you updated as time allows during this very fluid situation.

Thank you for keeping us in the fight!

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