Wild Horse Education


The final countdown to 2023 has begun. 

In 2022 WHE has put on the pressure to ignite the fight. 

Our team is carrying litigation forward against off-limits to the public facilities, against massive livestock grazing schemes in wild horse territory and continuing our legal battles against plans to eradicate wild herds. WHE carries legal battles at Pancake, Cedar, the Checkerboard in Wyoming, Eagle, Silver King, Cedar, the only case in the country to focus on wild burros at Blue Wing and more. In 2022, we were part of an effort that shut down grazing expansion for the first time in 57 years.

Our team is still leading the way in the fight against abuse. We are the only org to ever walk abuse into a courtroom and drove the creation of the first policy against abuse in history.  In 2022, WHE are taking the fight to gain accountability to a new level. Since 2018 WHE has run the only independent trained welfare team onsite. Our documentation was key in informing legislation to stop helicopter roundups. Often, the only ones at a trap-site (for over 14 years) our team will bring the fight forward in 2023.

WHE has no corporate sponsorship and no big money interests funding our work. WHE is still a voice driven by one voice, the voice of our wild ones. 

We are in the final countdown to unlock a $10,000 match. Your tax-deducible contribution can help us unlock the match and help us continue to blaze a trail in the fight to protect and preserve our wild horses and burros.

WHE are grateful to our amazing team that includes all of you. Our wild ones need and educated advocacy that rejects public relations spin and digs deep to fight for the preservation of our wild ones for future generations.

Our team is busy working on another scathing expose on the true cost in lives from helicopter roundups, filing legal briefs (even over the holidays) and analyzing range data our team is busy collecting.

“Auld lang syne” will be heard tonight; translated from the Scots as “old long since.” We take time to reflect on our own history and the decades of advocacy to protect our wild horses. As we hear the words of the song tonight, we take a vow that we will fight back so that our treasured wild horses and burros do not simply become a memory from times long since gone.

Join us in 2023. The fight for the wild, begins in the wild.

Happy New Year.

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