WHE 2022, Year-in-review video

At the end of each year it is a challenge to create one video to “look back” at the year’s end. 2022 is no exception. It is impossible to edit the hundreds of hours of video and images WHE collected in 2022 in anything less than a full-length documentary; so many images are left out, but we will never forget.

Our dedicated team has experienced challenges, frustration, harassment and heartbreak. But our team has also felt wonder, excitement and joy. From digging deep to do research, to document, to engage, to litigate, to report to the public and lawmakers, our team never shied away from a challenge.

Some of what WHE has done in 2022:

  • Surveyed 24 Herd Management Areas and 5 Herd Areas. Collectively documented over 150 individual days of roundups, often overlapping. Documented 8 BLM holding facilities.
  • Filed 64 site-specific comments on proposed plans. Provided comments and 6 reports for hearings. Provided 3 in-depth packets to lawmakers.
  • Provided key input into legislation to “Halt the Helicopter.”
  • WHE filed 9 new appeals in land use courts, carrying 14 appeals in 2022.
  • WHE is engaged in 2 active federal district court cases (including the only active case taking a stand for burros in federal court).
  • Filed 42 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests (and carry 12 into legal action to gain information BLM will not release). Using those FOIAs, WHE released scathing reports to the public that prove that BLM is deficient in planning, record keeping and accountability.
  • Released a scathing in-depth report on wild horse and burro welfare. This report was only possible due to the diligent documentation done every single day by WHE, not a one or two day overview. The report is a crucial tool to demonstrate how the policy is failing and where it needs to be fixed.

This list above is simply words to express some of what has been accomplished through the human effort of our team. The long hours, wrought with physical and emotional challenges, simply cannot be conveyed in words.

Alone we stand as one. Together, we are WHE.

We are grateful to you for standing with us in 2022 to push the “fight back into the fight.” Without your support, none of what we have done would have been possible.

We reflect on 2022 and prepare to fight for their lives in 2023.

Thank you!

WHE has been offered an end-of-year match challenge. If WHE can raise 10K before the year’s end, the funds will be doubled. These end-of-year contributions are critical for all non-profits, including WHE. Can you help us meet the match to keep our work running into 2023?

Contributions will be doubled through the end of January 1, 2023. 

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