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Buffalo Hills Day 8

You can see the ongoing team report from the first week of Buffalo Hills HERE.

Operations moved back to the south trap site on private property. The distant viewing location, and rising heat of the day, create video that can be less than crystal clear. You cannot hear panels or trap sounds, you can often hear road sounds in the video. Observation is at the highway. The internet issues make file transfer a challenge. Our team loads late into the night.

Totals to date: 353 Wild Horses (132 Stallions, 173 Mares, and 48 Foals) captured and 10 have died.

Warning: Many of you will find the days update disturbing to watch. 

35 (14 Stallions, 16 Mares, and 5 Foals) wild horses were captured.

After a wild horse crashed in to the trap panel and broke its neck, BLM COR made the decision to allow immediate pursuit of the wild horses that had panicked and fled.

After a chaotic chase, they were brought in with the downed horse still in the capture pen.

You can see the downed horse in the catch pen as band mates are moved into the alleyway.

BLM then approved another run of a single horse… apparently another one that had escaped.

The body was then moved from the catch pen. BLM always classifies a broken neck as an “instant death.”

A wild horse had been roped. He fights being taken into the pen, falls in the catch pen and rises, and then appears to be dragged into the alley by the rope around his neck by the rider.

A young foal is roped as he flees into a herd of cattle. After a long “chase and lead” the foal is brought to the trap.

The two deaths reported:

3-year-old Bay mare died unexpectedly due to acute injury (fractured neck)

20+ year old Bay stallion was euthanized BLM said due to pre-existing condition (pre-existing fracture — broken leg)

You can see the ongoing team report from the first week of Buffalo Hills HERE.

We urge you to get involved. You can read more about the current debate on funding for this program HERE and take action.

You can read more about a bill that would put an end to helicopter drive capture and gain an investigation HERE.

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