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This is a very busy season for advocacy. A few brief updates:

Confusion HMA (litigation): Last October WHE filed against the (spay plan) ovariectomy via colpotomy at Confusion.

In April we informed you that BLM was pulling that particular spay procedure off the table; but we did not know what the agency planned to implement at Confusion.  It appears that the agency will not replace that procedure with another population suppression or sterilization method, without another EA (and chance for comment and appeal). Our case is still active and we are still looking for a commitment that the agency will, not only drop the “spay” but will begin working on Herd Management Area Plans (HMAP) The public deserves a say in more than just “population suppression” and wild horses actually deserve some protection from industry.

Other cases are still bring argued: Desatoya and Pancake are in an active briefing schedule. The Wilson Creek (Eagle/Silver King) and Argenta grazing cases with WLD are also active.

The Roundup Schedule is changing. 

The Surprise Complex was added. The largest roundup through the end of fiscal 2021 will target 1370 for capture at the Complex beginning August 20th. The updated schedule now shows two large roundups that will overlap: Surprise (1370) and Owyhee (1129). (you can download schedule here) 

Sept 3 BLM will go back to finish the first phase of the zero out of Centennial and target 100 burros for helicopter capture.

captured May 30th 2021

Spending, Appropriations 2022:

The spending debate is in full swing. The debate for wild horses centers around population growth suppression, fertility control of various forms.

No funding has been earmarked to address the rapidly expanding water issues in HMAs. For decades the agency carelessly gave away precious resources to mining and livestock.  We must do all we can NOW to address this key issue.

When you contact your representatives please mention water.

Contact Your Two Senators and One Representative Today

1. Call the Capitol Hill Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Representative. You can say:

“I’m a constituent, and I’m calling to ask that you please do all you can to influence changes to the Department of Interior Spending bill for the Wild Horse and Burro Program. 

  • Designate $5 million for water source creation and repair in HMAs.
  • Defund removal plans where the BLM has skirted the NEPA process and failed to create a management plan for the herd, an HMAP.
  • Designate specific funds to provide for an open online portal where the public can access range monitoring, roundup veterinary reports, shipping manifests and death statistics.
  • Defund the Adoption Incentive Program pending a review.
  • Continue to deny funding for “sales without limits.”

2. Send this fast click and send letter by clicking HERE. 

We are working through multiple channels to gain a revision of the CAWP policy (handling policy) and will update you soon!

With a massive roundup schedule ahead, we need CAWP back in the spotlight.

We can not allow another year to go by without a hearing into the BLM Wild Horse and Burro program. The Horse Natural Resources Committee would be the venue for a hearing. Oil and gas and sage grouse are front and center again in this committee and wild horses are falling off the radar. The Committee seems to feel that adding more money for partnerships and ‘PZP” is all they need to do.

They need to tank the BLM 2020 report and request a new one. They also need to hold a hearing surrounding these reports. You can still help. 

dead cows resulting from the “dump and collect” system of public lands ranching during growing season in drought

Drought issues are going to get worse. In a few small areas BLM has approved water hauls. However, most districts have failed to even respond to any inquiry concerning HMAS in their jurisdiction.

Learn more here: drought 2021.

Our teams are working hard. We will have more updates soon.

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