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Centennial Roundup Update (stats)

Yesterday we posted a piece on the Centennial HA “zero out” operation. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is in process of zeroing out the Centennial Herd Area (HA) in California. The agency states they can not manage burros in the area due to risks of vehicle collisions, interference with the naval base and “the unfeasibility of maintaining a wild burro population on BLM lands when removals would be conducted in adjacent jurisdictions.” You can access the piece here.

We created this page to add the daily statistics. SCROLL DOWN for new updates. It should be noted that daily temperatures rise to over 100 degrees. A heat wave is hitting this week and daily highs in the area will near 110 degrees. (UC Davis and BLM created a 100 degree cutoff for stampeding burros, but onsite personnel can make an exception and exceed that guideline. To date, operations have been stopped before exceeding 100. We will do an extensive article soon on the work to change that policy.)

Centennial baby

Cumulative total as of June 7: 290 (129 Jacks, 122 Jennies, 39 Foals) captured.

Operation concluded. The zero out will continue at a later date to capture horses and burros in the area. We have been the only org onsite.

BLM has reported 0 deaths during the drives.

Running from chopper

May 28: 70 captured (29 jacks, 29 jennies and 12 foals).

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May 29: 2 jacks captured

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May 30: 20 captured (6 jacks, 9 jennies and 5 foals)

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May 31: 10 captured (5 jacks, 3 jennies and 2 foals)

June 1: 36 wild burros captured (8 jacks, 18 jennies and 10 foals)

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June 2: 35 captured (18 jacks, 15 jennies, 2 foals)

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On June 3rd the operation moved to the military base. 57 captured with no public observation. (30 jacks, 23 jennies, 4 foals)

June 4: 16 captured (6 jacks, 10 jennies).

June 5: 22 captured (11 jacks, 8 jennies and 3 foals)

June 6: 22 captured (14 jacks, 7 jennies and 1 foal)

no roundup June 7.

There are burros at Ridgecrest that are not coming in from Centennial. We do not know where this flop eared sweeties is from, but maybe there will be a loving home in the future?


There are burros from other areas at Ridgecrest including these fuzzy long ears.

All burros are transported from capture directly to the Ridgecrest facility for branding and vaccination.

You can read more about this operation HERE. 

Learn more:

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