Red Desert 2020 (the largest single removal in history)

The Red Desert Complex is comprised of Antelope Hills, Crooks Mountain, Green Mountain, Lost Creek and Stewart Creek herd management areas (HMAs). The complex covers 753,000 acres. The BLM states that only 480-724 wild hoses can live in the area and plans to remove 2,400 in the largest single removal operation in history. Forage allocations for domestic livestock exceed wild horses by more than 35:1. Habitat is rapidly fracturing as the area is rich in natural resources, including coal, oil, natural gas, coalbed methane, and minerals such as uranium drawing rapidly increasing intrusion. (More than this number have been removed under a single plan with repeated removals every3 or 3 years. But never in one roundup.)

It should be noted that Wyoming Stock Growers Association, Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation appear on William Perry Pendley’s 17-page recusal list. In litigation against wild horses Pendley was directly involved. Pendley, as an attorney for the Mountain States Legal Foundation (MSLF is on the 17-page recusal list) represented the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (also on the recusal list). The case lost as it represented a programmatic challenge to force inaccurate definitions of the law into practice. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s 2015 ruling that the state could not compel the BLM to remove wild horses from federal land unless the agency itself determined such action was necessary. (Same type of case was brought in Nevada and that case lost as well). The year on this case was 2016, just prior to the change in administrations. Yet, Pendley continued his relationship with these entities and, with the agency under his direction, is accomplishing the goals of his former clients.) 

The operation is expected to last 4-8 weeks.


Cumulative statistics:

BLM has not update the official total since October 19.  598 captured, 1 death, 90 released.

Newest report at the top, scroll down for previous reports.


Oct 22_ no fly day due to weather.

Oct 21_ 13 (8 Studs, 4 Mares, 1 Foals) captured

Oct 20_ 73 (22 Studs, 33 Mares, 18 Foals) captured.

Oct19_ the wind kicked up and operations called off. On inspection of tap we did note electric cattle prods. We can not tell you how they are being used, we can not see the trap from the observation location. (more here)

Oct18_ 121 captured. Some local favorites wee taken today. A band of blacks challenged the chopper and escaped. (More HERE including video)

The chopper will fly again in this area tomorrow in an attempt to remove all horses in the area.

Oct 17_ no wild horses captured. BLM did a PZP “treat and release.” 20 studs and 46 mares went home. 127 were shipped from the range and into captivity for the rest of their lives. (you can read, and see in video, more from the release HERE).

Oct 16_

128 captured. 128 (41 Studs, 56 Mares, 31 Foals). 1 mare (no age given) euthanized: BLM said due to a malformed leg.

24 wild horses were released. To see the day in pictures, click HERE.

Escape: as he runs off his left rear does appear injured.

October 15_

Wind continues to be an issue. 78 wild hoses captured; 16 are foals. It should be noted that BLM is only pairing mares with extremely young babies up at holding. From observation at holding (age) babies of about 6 weeks and over have to wait 3-4 days to pair back up with moms (according to BLM).

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Did you know that while the roundup is going on BLM Deputy Director Pendley spoke at an equine conference in Wyoming? He did not simply speak, he is trying to rewrite the court ruling against him. (More HERE)

October 14_ called due to weather

October 13

75 wild horses captured today (30 studs, 33 mares and 12 foals).

For the second day bands struggled with barbed wire.

You can see the full story of a daring escape that injured this brave buckskin HERE. 

Our observer has passed off documentation to our CAWP support team. We will update you soon and will load more video and images as edits complete.

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Oct 12

84 horses were captured today, (19 stallions, 27 foals and 38 mares)

Our trained CAWP team observer is onsite.

Windy and cold. Several bands evaded capture. At holding there was no ability to observe processing. We were told we would have to “wait up to 5 hours,” after all processing was completed, to see holding pens. It turned out to be 3.5 hours

As our editor works on files being sent we see wild horses driven though barbed wire, one trampled. It appears BLM is, insanely, using barbed wire as part of a trap wing.

Bands fracture. They get though the barbed wire, one is trampled. He gets up, but moves off slow. A wild horse from the group that fractured (pat captured, part escaped) moves off slowly and disappears.

We will update after processing the rest of the video and confirming capture numbers and any injuries.

Oct 11 _ Operations were called off due to weather.

Oct 12_ 112 (42 Studs, 46 Mares, 24 Foals) were captured, no deaths reported.


Help us stay in the fight. 

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