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Summer Ends (Wild Word Newsletter)

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Summer ends, but the heat is on in the fight for our wild horses and burros

Labor day marks the end of summer and soon the Senate will go back into session: the heat is on.

Over the summer we saw how BLM will use funding; acceleration of roundups, enlarging holding facilities, continuing to subsidize a backdoor to slaughter. BLM has provided no plans for management, oversight, or fiscal responsibility to the taxpayer that continues to foot the bill.

Take Action
Legal Action

This summer WHE took legal action against oil and gas as well as against expanding mines. WHE also filed foundation documents for further legal action against inhumane treatment. Inhumane treatment of our wild horses and burros does not only happen at roundups, it happens when BLM fails to protect the resources our wild ones need to survive.

>> One of the legal actions WHE participated in this summer stopped the expansion of a huge gold mine that would destroy water sources in an area wild horses have already died at due to a lack of water.

Protecting the wild horse begins with protecting the wild.

Our roundup teams are continuing the fight against abuse. 

For years WHE was the only organization to regularly attend roundups; we were the only ones there except a handful of days each year. To this day WHE is the only organization to ever take BLM to court over abuse; we won every case.

Our team works very hard; they have laid a foundation to take abuse hearings back into the courtroom. Onsite, our trained team works to prevent the suffering of each and every wild one.

>> This summer our team has gotten citations against inappropriate conduct strengthening future litigation and, in one instance, helped to get a water source opened in the sweltering heat. 


Catch up with the Wild Word

Slaughter, the danger is real (increasing daily and you pay for it)

The Adoption Incentive Program (AIP) pays anyone that adopts a wild horse $1000 in two installments. It was begun in March of 2019 and is part of the “plan” agreed to by big cash lobby groups. From the day it began we called it a slaughter subsidy and that is exactly what it has turned out to be.
>> read more

Advisory Board (we answer a few of your questions)

The BLM Advisory board meets Set 23-24. Many of our readers are emailing us with questions about the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. We are receiving questions that cover a very broad range of subjects, and take time to answer them.

Horsemanship Radio (talk wild horses)

Our founder, Laura Leigh, joined podcast host Debbie Loucks to talk a bit about our American wild horses. In the first segment of the podcast author Susan Friedland talks about her new book written to help horse owners overcome the grief of losing their heart horse.
>> Listen here

Personal Plea (take action in her memory)

This summer our WHE team suffered a terrible loss, a mare we know well died. She and this year’s colt died from a lack of water. The issue with water was well-known by BLM, yet year after year they do nothing to change it.
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