Wild Horse Education

Muddy Creek Ends, Eagle Begins

We are onsite today at the Eagle roundup in Nevada. Yesterday BLM captured 48 wild horses at Eagle in NV, 14 at Muddy Creek in UT. We will update you later today. 


Yesterday Muddy Creek concluded; Day 1, 104 captured with one death (foal kicked by stallion in pen). Day 2, 35 captured. Day 3, 14 captured. Total captured: 153. This total exceeds the requested removal by 4. The tentative plan is to release 4 of the healthiest mares back to range after fertility control treatment to maintain the currently set AML (BLM’s Appropriate Management Level).

Wild horses were taken directly to the Delta facility to be sorted and assessed. Two mares in poor condition are being monitored. At this writing they are at the facility and waiting to see if euthanasia becomes a necessity.  We will update you on condition.



Eagle roundup in NV began yesterday. We are the only observers onsite. We are trying to get observation that will allow CAWP input.

We have a matching donor trough Sunday at midnight. If you can contribute to our work, thank you. We will have an update later today on the roundup, Congress and our “habitat loss” team.


This is “big picture” time.


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