Laura Leigh

Personal Plea (take action in her memory)

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She was a good mom (last years colt)

Video note from the desk of Laura Leigh

The current form of the Appropriations bill will continue to fund the collapse of the program. Wild horses will continue to pay the ultimate price, with extreme suffering. (We are not publishing the pictures of the mare and colt that died because they had no water. To paraphrase the video: the area was at AML, and also had PZP used just last year. The issues are about management planning and accountability; semantics games and funding authorities for massive lobby groups wont help management.  Please take the action below.)

We are heading into the years where more wild horses will be removed from the land since the Act was passed. Additional fertility control (applied primarily in conjunction with these mass removals) will not impact the flood of wild horses and burros hitting holding. The numbers of wild horses wearing a BLM brand are rising at auction houses at risk of slaughter. Sterilization plans are moving forward. BLM is not releasing “sales” records (those with direct transfer of title) through Freedom of Information Act requests.

All of the above will happen without any actual management planning for our herds.

Our wild herds will continue to lose any chance of actual protection for generations to come. They will continue to be pawns. They will continue to die.

In order to impact actual management, to take steps to stop the cycle from repeating and gain some accountability on range, where it all starts, we ask that you take the following actions.

A real world example about the “HMAP” and the need. Click HERE. 

Three Step Action

1.) Send a fast click and send letter to your Senator.

Click HERE to take Step 1.

You will get what is called a “form letter” as a reply from your Senator. Often the form letters were never read by anyone, just scanned for key words and then a form letter sent back. This is the result of all the “click and send” that has now become the standard in the “internet world.”  

The letter will have the contact info for your Senators office.

2.) Print out this letter, our write your own, send to the address listed on the form letter you receive back after you take “step 1.” Sending a FAX is actually a really good alternative to the mailbox. If you have the ability to send a FAX, do it. 

(click HERE SenateLetter )

3.) Call the phone number on the letter you get back after “Step 1.” Ask for the email address of the person handling wild horses AND the person handling public lands. Unfortunately, wild horses are lumped in with “animal issues” in many offices. Wild horses are a public lands subject. 

After you get an email (or two) send the same letter that you put into the mailbox via email. 

Next week we will be publishing a “step 4” for you to take, after we get feedback from key Senate offices. 

Thank you! Our wild ones need an educated and active advocacy, now more than ever.


To learn more about the “HMAP” click HERE.


If you are shopping online you can help Wild Horse Education by choosing us as your charity of choice on IGive or 

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We remember her in life