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Muddy Treat, Visit With Old Friends

April23 - 1A

Old friends

Our teams are hard at work in multiple areas from crafting comments, legal casework and, of course, gathering field information that becomes the basis all of the rest is built upon. The work is labor intensive and vital.

You can visit our Earth Day post and see a fast reading and action item list. 

Our wild ones always take the time to remind us why we fight so hard!

When you are in field. and wild ones you have not seen in some time trot towards you, it is a thrill! This fast posting is to share some of that thrill with you! A break from all the chaos and hard work. Being able to see old friends is priceless.

Several bands took an afternoon mud bath in the spring runoff that fills many lowland catchments this time of year. They trotted up the hill toward our team as we were checking fencelines for breaks and measuring areas used heavily by sheep.

April23 - 1 (3)

It was so nice to see them again! 

It is believed that horses roll in the mud to repel insects and to provide relief from the sun, like a sunscreen or a long sleeve, light colored, shirt.

April23 - 1 (5)

It really is nice to see old friends. But we know these herds are targets as profit driven uses (livestock and mining) push hard to take more territory, put up more fences and destroy the resources our wild ones need to survive.

But it is simply a joy to see old friends!

It’s gonna be a hot weekend! Stay cool, stay safe.

Together we will continue the fight for our wild ones. Next week will be launching more action items and ways for you to get involved. But we hope you take a moment and just enjoy the muddy mess!


April23 - 1

Help us stay in the fight.


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