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Thank YOU!

Our Action pages are really active! A big “Thank YOU!” to all of you that are taking action to protect our wild ones in these dangerous times! 


Yesterday we sent out our WHE magazine for Earth Day to those of you that are on our voluntary mailing list. Today we would like to extend that gift to all of you that take action! Reading, researching, calling your legislators, writing your own comment letters, helps us in the quest to protect and preserve our wild ones and the land they stand!

WHE is actively engaged in litigation, legal actions against abuse at roundups, funding battles that rage on that threaten an infusion of funding for mass removals and sterilization.

Your calls and letters help keep the pressure on! Yes, we do need funds to continue our work. However those of you that can not contribute at this time are a VITAL part of the frontline.

As our “thank you” WHE created a special edition of WHE magazine for you: Heartbeats/Hoofbeats for Earth Day.

Our deepest gratitude for your help and commitment to protecting and preserving our wild horses and burros from abuse. Abuse does not only happen during a roundup, it begins with destruction of habitat our wild ones need to survive.

Simply click this link to flip through the magazine in Flash here: https://bit.ly/3eS5oky

Or you can click here to download your copy: https://bit.ly/2VTnLNn

Thank you,

All of us at Wild Horse Education 

A fast list of some reading material and a few action items. (Over 30K of you have sent the letter urging Interior STOP pushing projects and policy changes during COVID-19, just in the last week! Over 10K of you have clicked the link to submit your own comments on the Wyoming debacle.) : 

Please help us STOP land management agencies from using the current health crisis as a smokescreen to ram projects and policy changes through(learn and take action HERE)

In Wyoming BLM is set to decimate over 30% of the population of wild horses in the state! (learn and take action HERE)

The framework is being set to turn the Pryor Mountain herd into a range breeding program that is not genetically viable, fails to preserve critical bloodlines, fails to address habitat restoration(learn and take action HERE)

WHE joins enviro groups against a mine that will devastate critical water sources (press release HERE)

Wild Horses 101: Webinar material free! (click HERE)

A fast overview of the land our wild ones stand on our sister site in progress PublicHorses.com (HERE)


Help us stay in the fight.

If you are shopping online you can help Wild Horse Education by choosing us as your charity of choice on IGive or Amazonsmile.com 


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