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Run Wild, Run Free (Downtown NYC Magazine)


The spring 2020 issue of Downtown NYC includes a feature on America’s wild horses.

IF YOU ASK THE AVERAGE PERSON on the street to name an animal that symbolizes our most American ideas of freedom and democracy, it’s a good bet that many will name the horse. Images of Equus caballus thundering across the Great Plains, pulling the wagon trains that allowed our European forefathers to settle the West, and leading us into battle are all ingrained into the national psyche… 


Out founder provided photographs for a piece that covers the history and origin of wild horses. The story features the “rewilding” work of the Cana Foundation and their search for land for pilot projects in the US.

To read the spring issue of Downtown NYC  click here. the wild horse story begins on page 66

If the link above does not work you can download a pdf of the story and contributor page at the following links.




To learn more: the basics of the framework of the fight for those still free on public lands and where the fight takes us today. (HERE)


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