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Eagle roundup Feb 2/3/4, Update

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As the sun rises and sets there is a moment called the “golden hour” when in photographs everything turns gold. From the observation location our team member shot directly into the rising sun showing the extreme of that effect. Ice crystals glistened of the panels of the pen as the breath of captive wild horses created steam that resembled fire.

1061 (477 Studs, 594 Mares, 4 Foals) have been captured to date. 13 have died. This operation targets 1700 for removal.

On Feb 2, 88 wild horses were shipped at dawn. The helicopters took to the air. High winds kicked in and operations were suspended. A 5-year-old grulla mare was euthanized, BLM stated she had severe swayback.

Winds are expected to continue through Tuesday, Feb 4  (Loading to leave the range and head to PVC north of Reno, video below).

We have no idea why this video cropped down when it loaded. You CAN see the horses in the video on the truck at the end, but the interface cropped it and we are looking into “WHY.”

You can view previous updates, and information on the BLM planning documents, on the Eagle 2020 roundup HERE. 

BLM had stated that they would release 50 mares treated with fertility control and 50 studs. At this juncture it appears that about 50 total (both mares and studs) have been chosen for release. BLM will be using the fertility control vaccine GonaCon-Equine and treating mares twice in a 30 day period. Mares chosen for release have already been given the first dose. (We will update with more information soon)

Fast look at those chosen for release in video below.

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It was pointed out to us that we should mention; we are the only organization that has an observer at the Eagle roundup in 2020. In fact, we are the only organization that has a observer at an Eagle roundup in more than a decade. 

More from our road teams, as well as an update from our DC and legal team, soon.

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