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Eagle Roundup Update: Video

About 1000 of the 1700 wild horses have been captured so far at the Eagle Complex Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundup. Total to date: 1061 (477 Studs, 594 Mares, 4 Foals) captured, 12 deaths

Day 17, Feb 1: 126 (60 Studs, 66 Mares, 0 Foals) wild horses captured.

Observation was relatively meaningless at trap to assess the condition of captured wild horses. The trap was over a mile away and obscured. We could not see handling or condition of wild horses at the trap (becoming commonplace again). The drive, featured below,  was the only one of the day that came through the valley in front of us. Several bands were pushed from all over the valley and formed about 60. As they made their way into the trap the wind blew the jute and a wild horse pushed through, followed by about half of the wild horses in the drive. Almost all of them were pursued by the helicopter and were trapped by the end of the day.

(50 minutes condensed into one and a half minutes)

You can see past stats from the first half of the Eagle Roundup at this link: https://wildhorseeducation.org/2020/01/18/eagle-2020/

Our teams are out at roundup and beginning our 2020 range and herds assessments that we will use to fight against habitat loss and the consistent game of “blame the horse.”

Please remember to call or write your reps. We must get BLM to create management plans, not just removal documents. BLM is supposed to create “Herd Management Area Plans” (HMAP). The vast majority of them time, they simply do not. LEARN MORE HERE

Our teams are out in field and working to educate Congress. Can you help keep us in the fight?


We are back out… Feb 2, loading at dawn. Storm expected later today through tomorrow. Will upload full day and have more updates soon…

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