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Wild Horse Shopping on Internet (First Up, Fish Creek)


Double exposure of a baby roped at Fish Creek in 2015. In 2020 you will get a chance to finally adopt on of the ones that have been sitting at the Carson prison for 5 years.

The BLM Internet page will begin taking bids today, Tuesday Jan 21 for one week.

Many people are writing to us already confused by the BLM interface: the auction page says “no auction in progress.” BLM will probably update the page later today. The online corral is also used as an “auction” and the bidding is for finite periods of time. Both sections are technically “auction pages.” You need to be approved as an adopter and get a bidding number (that you can use for this event and ones in the future. You can do it all online. just cluck the “how to tab”: http://wildhorsesonline.blm.gov )

As the auction this week moves forward we will add pages to provide a bit of info on some of the wild horses featured on this “short term corral, auction, shopping cart.” Once this auction is over those not adopted get another “strike” in a “three strike system.” (more here) However, in recent years that “three strike” system is obsolete in practice, almost any horse can be obtained as “sale” at almost all onsite events. BLM has been increasing “sale numbers” both at these events, and the private sales, to move horses out fast to make room for more.

The risk to every single wild horse captured of ending up in neglectful home situations, and then/or directly heading off to slaughter, has never been greater. (Remember the core of the holding crisis exists in on range mismanagement. Please take action: Removal is Not Management)

LLFC_Curlies - 1 (13)

The Fish Creek Curlies have an entire article devoted to them. Click pic to visit

First Up, Fish Creek

Several wild horses from Fish Creek are on the current BLM event page. The Curly horses have a following all their own and you can see an article devoted to them HERE.

There are other wild horses that once lived in one of the most contentious HMAs in the West featured on the internet auction. Since the 2015 roundup, after a standoff reminiscent of an old black and white movie sent wild horses BLM had chosen for release into holding facilities and litigation ensued to get them home, these wild horses have been off-limits to public viewing at Broken Arrow (Indian Lakes) except for a few fast wagon tours a year or off-limits to viewing at the Carson prison. After litigation won to send them home again, BLM only released some of the horses back. These are the faces of those that were babies during capture who have truly “never been given a chance” and are now adults.


This picture is from 2015 and represents the age at the time of capture of some of the horses on the internet now, 5 years later after being kept in “off-limits” to viewing facilities.

If you want to adopt a wild horse that needs a chance, one that has been denied so many times, these wild horses from Fish Creek are for you. They do need a “rescue” from a system that has continually failed them. Are you their forever person? (page with some links to the 2015 capture when these wild horses were taken from the range)

Please note:

The photos and video on BLM pages do NOT represent the personality of the horses in any way. Often they are scared after running through those same chutes to be branded or gelded. One clear example is the 6 year old curly with one ear marked number 4858; BLM video has him appearing skittish and he is a complete goon that will get in your face and nibble on your sleeve. 

With all horses BLM “ages” that they can be wrong, sometimes very wrong. If you adopt? ask your vet.

ALL photos not labelled as ours were pulled from the BLM “adoption” page and we pulled out shadows a bit so you can better see what the wild horse looks like. 

BLM also lists the capture date of all of these horses from Fish Creek as 2/18/2015. That is just the day the operation ended, not capture date. Be aware of that as you look for info or pics of your horses during capture; the day listed is not always accurate.


Number 2072 listed as 7 year old buckskin (HERE)

This beautiful wild horse was captured in Feb of 2015 at a little over 1 year old in 2015. She has spent 5 years off limits to viewing at the Carson prison facility. Are you her forever person, one that wont forget that she is not just a number?



2084 Listed as RedRoan Gelding Horse, 7 years old (here)

WHE does know this boy. He was born in 2014 and captured in Feb 2015. His father is a magnificent blue roan we called “Raul” (after Raul Julia. We named one of his mares “Julia.” Julia died in holding after giving birth to her 2015 colt. She was on the list to be returned but died during the fight to get the herd released). Raul was captured in 2019 and has been sent to Long Term Holding bearing the “sale authority brand.”

Are you the person that can give this beautiful wild horse some gentle hands?


This is 2084 running next to his brother and sister, the colts grouped together. Out in front is Raul (in winter he looked black) and the very pregnant Julia (palomino) at the lead of the grouping.  (2015 roundup) Raul was released in 2015, recaptured in 2019 and has been sent to Long Term Holding. But his colt? 2084 can be adopted, 5 years after capture.


2090 Listed as RoanRed Gelding, 7 years old

This boy was also born in 2014, captured in Feb 2015. When first captured he had not “roaned out” at all, looking like a “dark horse.” He has not been seen since 2015.

Are you his person?




2121 listed as 7 year old sorrel Gelding

Another face we have not seen since 2015 that has spent his life at the Carson prison. Several wild horses now sit in the prison that adopters are interested in, just shipped there from the 2019 roundup season. But it is almost impossible to get a wild horse from the prison. This boy has been there since he was a baby.


Is this 2121 just after capture in 2015? We can not tell you.


4980 listed as a 4 year old gelding from the 2019 roundup

The only wild horse listed from the 2019 roundup that was shuffled into the prison asap is this boy. Somehow one Fish Creek wild horse that is not a Curly made the grade? If he is from 2019, smart/lucky horse. Most of the wild horses shuffled fast into Carson will not be seen by the public again and when they are, it will not be for years. The mares shuffled over there fast? many likely in line for the new drug experiment. We wont see them either barring a miracle.

The only other wild horses listed on this event from the 2019 capture are all curlies.


2015 pen of “yearlings”

We devoted an entire page to the Fish Creek Curlies captured in 2019 HERE.


We are really busy today trying to get a bit of sanity into the mix before Congress releases additional funding to simply run a broken program into collapse. We will post more on the wild horses featured on the internet this week, one week only. You can help us as we deal with the mess created by corporate paper pushers that are self serving only, and ready to run over wild horses.(HERE)

Can you help us stay in this fight?




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