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North Hills Roundup Concludes

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Today 6, Dec 20, wild horses were captured un the third livestock grazing allotment. Total captured 213 of the 250 targeted. The BLM did not hit removal target so there will be no fertility control. no release.

Today we had a good view of trap wings.

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Fast notes:

Arrival at trap 9:17  @ 18 degrees calm winds

Chopper was up a little before 9:00. 10:04 first run came in with 5 horses, the back roan horse split off up to the left, 4 went in the trap He did not pursue the roan horse that escaped.

Note @ 11:33 there had been a guy up on the ridge with a rifle, we thought we heard 1-3 shots. The chopper had dropped him off, then picked him up. BLM said he was “shooting blanks” to move horses out of trees.
Two darker horses did come in run #2.
12:57 second run came in 2 horses total approach and in the trap.
On our way back to the main road, to go to holding we stopped and were informed no observation of holding would be permitted today.
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Yesterday at temp holding

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Some of the roundup operations our CAWP team attended this year. For other roundup operations use the search bar, just type in the name of the HMA and year. 


Our roundup team is trained in the Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy (CAWP). WHE is the only org in history to take BLM to court over abuse at roundups. Our teams are working hard onsite building on that record to continue the fight.


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