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Fifteen Mile Roundup Update


The roundup ended on Friday:

Wild Horses captured

95*Approximately 12 horses were not gathered, leaving approximately 107 horses total in the HMA.

Deaths: 11

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Wednesday, Oct 23, no wild horses were captured. Operations suspended due to weather.

Totals to date:

558 captured of 700 targeted for capture.

8 deaths: 2 broken necks, 1 head injury, 5 euthanized.

Tuesday BLM captured 18 more wild horses and killed 3 more (said pre-existing conditions.) BLM has said they will be moving “outside the HMA.” Only wild horses captured inside the HMA are eligible for release if BLM hits the target number. No mares released will be treated with fertility control. It should be noted that BLM sees this as a “control” group for no fertility control. However, BLM rarely takes into account that roundups like these actually increase reproductive rates.


558 captured of 700 targeted for capture.

8 deaths: 2 broken necks, 1 head injury, 5 euthanized.

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Fifteen Mile wild horses in temporary holding

At Fifteen Mile BLM captured 112 wild horses on Monday.

One broke it’s neck and 2 others were euthanized (BLM said a lung infection and a deformed leg).

Totals to date from the Fifteen Mile roundup:

540 captured of 700 targeted for capture.

5 deaths: 2 broken necks, 1 head injury, 2 euthanized.

Observers could not see the trap and had o wait until processing was done to view wild horses at temporary. This is becoming standard practice at many operations. We will have more on overall issues of access, and access to information, coming soon. 

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BLM plans to trap 700 wild horses and return 100. if they meet that target number, with mares not treated with PZP. This will leave the post operation population at just over 100 wild horses. A large scale operation like this will increase reproductive rates.

This is another large scale roundup that foreshadows the future of all of our herds. Currently a plan that intends to remove up to 15-20K each year, for 3-4 years, agrees to mass sterilization (and more) is moving through Congress.

BLM continues to run a system deemed devoid of science, common sense and filled with political motivation. The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has been commissioned, at taxpayer expense, by the BLM since 1982 to evaluate their program. Since 1982 the NAS has continually failed BLM on basic data. BLM continues to ignore the NAS.

Please continue to take action against this corporate agenda that will decimate our last large wild herds. You can learn more HERE.

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Our roundup teams do not just take pictures. Wild Horse Education is the only organization in history to take BLM to court over abuse at roundups. We need your support to keep our teams running. Thank you. 


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