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National Day of the Horse (2019)


In 2004, Congress designated Dec. 13th as National Day of the Horse to honor the contributions horses have made to our country’s history, economy and national character.

Most Americans love and respect both domestic and wild horses. Horses hold a special place in our history and our hearts.

Wild horses are an inspiration to the spirit, a reminder of our past and a gateway to our wild places. We celebrate the horse; beauty, spirit and grace.

Yet horses face hardship and real dangers in our country.

Horse slaughter is illegal on US soil but we still have not banned the export of horses for slaughter. We currently have a political push to bring back horse slaughter in the US. We will face that battle again in 2020.

For our wild ones, the battle against corrupt leadership of BLM under William Perry Pendley whose former clients in his law practice litigated trying to gain massive removals and even resumption of slaughter sales, has been making moves to satisfy those clients as he holds the BLM reins. It is so bad, WHE filed a complaint with the Office of the Inspector General. 

Habitat loss, and the loss of quality to available habitat, on public land threatens our wild horses. This process is on a political fast track that is fueled by corruption and is slowly eroding the avenues for public involvement.

The entire wild horse and burro program is based on politics and mythology. The broken framework is going to take a lot of hard work to fix. In 2020 we will see increased removals that will require a lot of work to guard against abuse and inequity.

Both Bills in Congress give BLM more funding. That funding will trickle to the field level and the only thing both bills will accomplish is more wild horses removed, sterilization, decimation of the wild. Both bills will accelerate the collapse of the already broken system and not fix one deficit.

You can take action today in honor of “the Day of the Horse.” Just click here link and send off two letters to help in the fight to protect our wild horses and the “land they stand.” 

We renew our commitment to fight against abuse, slaughter and for the preservation and protection of our wild horses and public lands.


Many of our readers have been watching our updates on the Desatoya roundup in Nevada. The wild horses were shipped rapidly from range to PVC north of Reno, many the same day as capture. This made injury and death statistics artificially low at the trap site. The roundup ended with 456 captured, 24 released and 1 killed onsite for club foot.

However our team has also been documenting the range during the operation. For “National Day of the Horse” we thought we would share some still free near the capture site as we renew our commitment to continue this fight for the wild against abuse, slaughter and to gain a voice of truth on the range.

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